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OwnerKraig Schultz
Owner's Other EVsHuman-Electric Hybrid
Sail Trike
2008 Custom BugE
Tilting Delta Trike
Schultz Engineering Delta-11
Motorized Mtn Bike 2 - Schwinn
Motorized Mtn Bike 1 - Hummer
1987 Kann Linear LWB
1990 Ford Festiva
LocationGrand Haven, Michigan US map
Vehicle1975 Honda CB-125S
Converted Honda street bike. Registered as
Motor Perm-132 Permanent Magnet DC
Purchased from WebPage
DrivetrainDirect Chain Drive 13:70 Ratio
ControllerCurtis 1204-410 - Club Car Version 225 Amp
Burned up my Altrax 4834 after 500 miles due to
no heat sink and hot rodding and most likely not
letting pre-charge resistor do it's job when
starting it up.
Batteries4 Fullriver HGL38-12, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Sealed Lead Acid, 38amp Hour
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerZivan NG-1
Zivan NG-1 for charging at home. 2 Hours to
85% recharge, 8 hours for 100% charge. See
data at
WebPage /> tm Have cheaper, lighter, smaller charger
mounted on bike rated at 4.5 amp. for
emergency recharges during ride, and for
topping off at work.
DC/DC ConverterSevcon 300 w
InstrumentationPoor-Mans-Pack-Tracker: A Six position rotary
switch switches a single, Auto-ranging Volt
meter between 50mv/500amp shunt, pack voltage
and each individual battery voltages.

Kill-A-Watt P3 meter used to measure actual
power drawn from 120V outlet when recharging.
Top Speed62 MPH (99 KPH)
62mph with 30:70 gears, dustbin + red fairing
57mph With 17:40 gear ratio and red fairing.
52mph with 12:40 gears
32mph with 13:70 gears
AccelerationPoor with 30:70 gears max speed 62mph
Okay with 17:40 Gears max speed 57mph
Nice with 17:70 gears max speed 42mph

Great with 13:70 gears max speed 32mph
0-25mph in 3-4 seconds
0-32mph in 5-6 seconds
Range25 Miles (40 Kilometers)
Range at 22mph = 35 miles
Range at 28mph = 25 miles
Range at 37mph = 15 miles
Watt Hours/Mile53 Wh/Mile

("Kill a Watt" recharging measurements .72 kwh
/ 13.7 miles = 53 Wh-r/mile).

It is pulling 15-16 amps on flat and steady at
28mph with Dustbin + Red Fairing on top in
fully tucked riding position.

("Kill a Watt" recharging measurements .5 kwh
/ 8.5 miles = 58 Whr/mile)

("Kill a Watt" recharging measurements 1.81
kwh / 25 miles = 72 Whr/mile).

EV Miles
Start:2,698 Miles (4,341 Kilometers)
Current:6,046 Miles (9,728 Kilometers)
Total:3,348 Miles (5,386 Kilometers)
    As of 1/5/2017
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight300 Pounds (136 Kilograms)
Original Gas Powered Weighed 170#

120 pounds of batteries
24 pounds of motor
9 pound fairing + 10 pounds support brackets
TiresOriginal OEM spec. on rear,
16 x 2.5 moped wheel on front to fit in narrow
dustbin fairing.
Conversion Time?? Began February 2007 and it never ends. It's
a lot of fun experimenting and riding.
Conversion Cost$2,400 Electrics
(Motor/Controller/Batteries/DC-DC Converter,
Charger etc.) plus $550 to purchase and
rebuild motorcycle frame (bearings, tires,
seals, aluminum, hardware, brake pads,
fairing, etc.).

Plus for Airtech Fairing (approx. $800
Additional FeaturesAdjustable Throttle Response (0-10K Potentiometer in parallel with
twist grip) to limit throttle response (for controlling max speed and
for loading into my van, and works great with throttle lock to give
fine control over cruising speed).

Mechanical Throttle Lock.

Jan 2017: Update total miles to 6046. It now has more electric
miles on it than it had gas miles on it when it went to the
junkyard in 2007.

September 2015: 2kWh chunk of a Chevy Volt Battery put into two 50
caliber ammo cans and mounted on bike. Running 42-48Volts. Range
is 22 miles.

December 2012 Update: Added Picture of bike with July 2012
Modifications: back to original front wheel with disk brakes,
front and rear brakes on handlebars, original handlebars, upgraded
to 72 volts. Bike is very fun in this configuration. Geared for
45mph max speed, this bike wheelies on take off and would climb a
tree if it had spiked tires.

November 2009 Update: Updated Mileage - I've rode 800 miles since
installing the dustbin fairing this year.

My batteries have been weak all this Summer due to my running them
to 80-100% Depth of Discharge for the previous 2 years. This
really cut into my miles as I was limited to riding 14 miles each
way. Plan to purchase some new batteries for the 2010 season -
hopefully something better than Lead...

August 2009 Update:
- Added recent picture with new vintage tail piece

June 2009 Updates:
-Updated power usage chart for up to 60mph.

May 2009 Updates:
-Updated instrumentation information

-Removed picture of throttle lock

-Added picture of dustbin with extra red fairing on top

-Added Picture showing Watts used vs. Velocity chart

April 2009 Updates:
-Added info on WHr/Mile with Dustbin.

-New Picture of Dustbin with signage.

-Added 0-32mph acceleration times.

-Updated Vehicle weight with Dustbin fairing.

March 2009 Updates:

-Added picture of dustbin fairing on bike.

-Added diagram for measuring voltage and amps with one VOM.

August 2008 Updates:

Added pictures of throttle lock.

Using Kill-A-Watt P3 meter to measure actual cost of recharge from
120V outlet. It only weighs 5oz and is nice way to verify actual
energy consumption when charging. Added data related to recharge
time, cost, etc. to my website.

July 2008 Update: Updated information on PERM-132 brush
maintenance. See link below for updated information on brush


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