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OwnerKraig Schultz
Owner's Other EVs1975 Honda CB-125S
Human-Electric Hybrid
Sail Trike
2008 Custom BugE
Tilting Delta Trike
Schultz Engineering Delta-11
Motorized Mtn Bike 2 - Schwinn
1987 Kann Linear LWB
1990 Ford Festiva
2015 Nissan Leaf SV
LocationGrand Haven, Michigan United States map
Over weight cheap mtn. bike gets undersized Scooter drive train
MotorCurrie XYD-6A2 Permanent Magnet DC
250 Watt motor
DrivetrainDrive train from a Mongoose Scooter
24V 22a controller
Batteries0.00 Volt,
System Voltage24 Volts
Curb Weight0
6 lbs of motor an brackets
30 lbs of lead acid
50 lbs of cheap mountain bike
Conversion Time1 day
Conversion Cost$0 Made from junk and spare parts sitting around.
FAILED EXPERIMENT in September 2008:

A weak motor from an electric scooter is not powerful enough to drive a cheap and heavy mountain bike. Bike could barely maintain speed. Might have been different with better gearing.

30lbs of Lead Acid Batteries were carried in a BACK PACK on my back - Don't do this. It was a real pain in the shoulders.

Complete drive system was Recycled to use at Earth Day Fair to demonstrate the simplicity of the electric drive system.

code by jerry