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OwnerKraig Schultz
Owner's Other EVs1975 Honda CB-125S
Human-Electric Hybrid
Sail Trike
2008 Custom BugE
Tilting Delta Trike
Motorized Mtn Bike 2 - Schwinn
Motorized Mtn Bike 1 - Hummer
1987 Kann Linear LWB
1990 Ford Festiva
2015 Nissan Leaf SV
LocationGrand Haven, Michigan United States map
Vehicle2011 Delta-11
Proto-type, 2 Wheeled, Electric Motorcycle
MotorEnerTrac 604 Hi Speed Winding Brushless DC
30kW HUB Motor - I highly recommend. This is a
nice motor.
DrivetrainEnertrac Hub Motor
ControllerKelly KHB12401
Controller #3: July 2015 Kelly KHB12401,24-
120V,400A,Opto BLDC Controller/With Regen.
Set at 150A maximum (16kW to protect against
my EGO). Installed at 12,900 miles on

Controller #2: After 9,000 miles Kelly
KBL09401B burned out in July 2015 after
applied too much voltage from new Chevy Volt
Battieres. Specs were: Waterproof, 400A, 24-
96V - Set at 120 amp max. to protect batteries

Controller #1: Kelly KBL12271, 24-120V, 270A,
Burned out by riding it over two "5 mile
hills" in a row after 3,900 miles in the bike.
Was programmed at 120A Max.
Batteries28 Chevy Volt, 4.05 Volt, Lithium-Ion

Chevy Volt Batteries custom reconfigured to
have 28 Cells (100V-112V operating range).

Carry 1 or 2 45AH packs of 106V Nominal.

Original Batteries were Enginer Real-Force:
a7.6 kw-hr. 80 amp hour @ 96 volt

Recommended 1C discharge max. But, I
programmed controller to take 1.5C (12kW) max
and batteries have been taking it OK.

I recharge normally at .2C, but sometimes at

In practice, I've never taken more than 5.2
kw-hour out of it during ride. That is to
say, that is all this pack has ever been
capable of giving in this application.
System Voltage112 Volts
Charger Enginer
(4) Four, 15 Amp, 55 Volt Chargers

Recharge rate is 38 miles per hour (when
ridden at commuter speeds).

Recharge time is typically 1:15. Can recharge
at J1772, any four 120VAC outlets, RV30 and
RV50 outlets.

2 of my chargers are 110/220 so I can charge
at chargepoints with those.

2 of my chargers are 110 only, so I have to
find chargepoints that have level 1 and Level
2 to take advantage of faster charging.

Sometimes will charge using two Chargepoint
stations. I'll plug into the J1772 with two
of my chargers at Level 2. Then plug into
Level 1 outlet on one Chargepoint, and a Level
1 outlet on the second Chargepoint station.

For 110V charging I either plug into a
different circuit outlet for each charger
(each charger draws 10A at 110V).

At home, I've rigged an RV50 Plug that has a
pigtail with 4 110V outlets coming out of it
so it's easy to run all four chargers at once.

I have each charger on a timer so that I can
drop out 2 of the chargers early and not come
in hard and fast to top off the batteries.

Note: Fast charging does seem to put the
batteries out of balance much more quickly
than slow charging. Normally, I only have to
balance my batteries once per 3,000 miles.
HeaterOnly ride when above 32 degrees F (to avoid
ice), so with warm clothing it is fine.
Bodywork keeps you out of the wind.
DC/DC ConverterSevcon
48 Volt -> 12Volt. Tapped from 1/2 of
battery pack
InstrumentationCycle Analyst - I Love it!
Volt, Amp Meter, Voltage logging with
Enginer BMS, Cell Log 8s

KillAWatt EZ meters used for monitoring FROM
THE WALL recharge energy

Also, get data from Chargepoint Charge
stations when charge there.
Top Speed74 MPH (119 KPH)
On Flat road, no wind, with front fairing
on, black max toolbox on rear, 76 deg. F.
AccelerationGood at 12kW setting. Keeps up with commuter
traffic acceleration.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
60+ miles at 55mph
100+ miles at 35mph

My average trip distance is 39.5 miles.

See power to speed chart for more
information on energy usage.
Watt Hours/Mile99 Wh/Mile
Cycle Analyst:
57 WH/Mile @ 35 mph (100 mile ride)
80 WH/Mile @ 45-50 mph (55 mile ride)

96 Wh/Mile Average from the wall for first
12,000 miles.

From the wall, Fuel Log for Lifetime:

100 WH/Mile Average FROM WALL for 3,200
miles ridden in 2012 at normal
commuting speeds and acceleration.
Average Trip distance = 41 miles, Average Trip
Speed = 38 mph

85 WH/Mile overall average for 1,975
miles ridden in 2011 season with nose
on. Average trip distance 39.5 miles.

FROM THE WALL Determined by dividing watts
used to
charge with Kill-A-Watt meter divided
by miles traveled.

EV Miles
Current:21,240 Miles (34,175 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 or 2 based on optional body work.
Curb Weight490 Pounds (222 Kilograms)
200lbs just in batteries!

Ninja Front Wheel 16" tire

Enertrac Rear Wheel - 18" tire
Conversion Time2 months design
2 months build
Conversion CostOriginal Build $10K
Mod's in 2012 +$2K
2015: Chevy Volt Battery pack $2300 for 16kWH,
only use 9kWH. New controller $1,000.
Additional FeaturesDesigned to be built without any welding. Frame is waterjet
flat stock and machined billet aluminum. Center frame
completely bolted together. Ninja 250 front forks, Yamaha
Seca2 Rear shock and swing arm.

2-position seating improves comfort and aerodynamics.

Can charge from 110VAC, RV30, RV50, J1772.

Designed to accept full aerodynamic body.

Modular design. Can be Bobber, Street fighter, streamliner
or conventional 2 person motorcycle via bolt ons.

Video in Action: WebPage />
Fuel Log for Lifetime:
WebPage />

I highly recommend Enertrac for their powerful hub motor
and excellent service.

7-27-11: Updated max. speed, miles ridden, range and

8-9-11: Updated max. speed, miles ridden, range.

8-13-11: Updated miles ridden, weight

8-18-11: Updated miles ridden, max speed, Accel., range,
watt/hrs per mile, cost, removed chart from pictures

9-1-11: Add data chart showing trip miles, KW-Hrs used,
etc. and update total ridden to date.

October 6, 2011: Update mile ridden.

October 16, 2011: End of riding season updated miles
ridden and average range and Watt hr per mile.

May 9, 2012: Added charts to images of KW vs. Velocity
and Range vs. Velocity, added Cycle Analyst to

August 30, 2012: Updated total miles. Bike now has
single speed Enertrac motor. Averages 99 Wh/Mile from
wall for normal commuting in 55mph zones.

November 3, 2012: Updated Total Miles, Controller and motor
updates, Charts and Pictures with 2012 riding season data.

Updates in 2012 included: Added Cycle Analyst, Upgraded to 400A
controller (from 270A), Single speed hub motor installed, upgraded
suspension and steering to raise bike, mounted chargers on board,
hooked up BMS units to automatically shut down charging.

6-13-13 Update: Updated Odometer. I turned over 7,000 miles
total so far last weekend. I love the bike.

7/23/13: Updated miles ridden. Charger information.

9-2-2013: Updated Miles ridden, 9002 so far.

12-27-2014: Updated Miles Ridden, 12,300 so far.

9-4-15: Updated miles ridden to 14,800. Notes on Chevy Volt
Batteries. WebPage />
11-3-15: Updated miles ridden to 16,082 Added picture of bike
with trailer and cargo racking added in summer of 2015.

9-3-16: Updated miles ridden to 17,500.

10-18-16: Updated total miles ridden to 18,737
1-14-18: UPdated total miles ridden to 21,240

2-11-18: Updated controller history

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