First testThe Gear box
Owner's Other EVs1994 Kawasaki ZX9
1995 Viking MT415T
LocationWollongong, New South Wales Australia map
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Vehicle1960 Rover Rover 5127
Very old Rover ride on B&S 8.5bhp
MotorMars 48v Permanent Magnet DC
2x motor
DrivetrainBelt for cutting bed and chain drive for drive
train. Pulley from CBC Australia
ControllerKelly KD48401
and altrax
Batteries2, 3.60 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
36v total 2 12cell pack.
60min operational tested with heavy grass
System Voltage36 Volts
36v 5A charger Ebay for Evbikes 16hr to charge
both battery's 8hr each
Instrumentation2 lcd voltmeter
Seating Capacityone seat
Conversion TimeStarted 25/03/2016
First grass cutting 18/04/2016

code by jerry