Battery's 12s2pFirst test
Owner's Other EVs1994 Kawasaki ZX9
Rover 5127
LocationWollongong, New South Wales Australia map
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Vehicle1995 Viking MT415T
4 Wheel steer 6 speed transmission, has tow ball
hitch moves 500kg trailer easy
MotorMars Mars 0708 Permanent Magnet DC
was using Kellys KDZ48400 now just on or off
Batteries24 Thunder Sky 40Ah, 3.60 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
36V 12S2P 80Ah total
System Voltage36 Volts
Charger Ebay
From Ebake 36V 5Amp and 190w solar
DC/DC Converter Ebay
36/48v to 12v 25A
InstrumentationVAC-4300 volt/amp meter
RangeI have about 600 square metres of lawns, and its
still has more power to go :)
Watt Hours/Milewhen drive 10~20amps,
cutting 50~120amps depends on how high
Curb Weight414 Pounds (188 Kilograms)
MT415t 1995 12.5bhp
Tires15x6 Front
20x8 rear
Conversion TimeFree time
Conversion CostLess then $500 parts from old mower :)
12cell BMS on board, Ebay charger from Ebike
only 5Amp charge (16 hours)

code by jerry