1991 Suzuki Swift GT Electric
OwnerChristopher Voss
LocationEdmonton, Alberta Canada map
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Vehicle1991 Suzuki Swift GT
Inspired by Forkenswift - trying to get the most
out of the least...
MotorMars Motenergy ME1003 Permanent Magnet DC
DrivetrainOriginal 5 speed manual transmission (5th gear
0.87:1 and differential is 4.105:1)
ControllerCurtis 1205M 400A version
got a smokin' deal on aliexpress
Batteries6 Optima running 3 D31A yellow tops, 1 Deka DP27 and 2 Exid, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
It's basically about 5KW. They're
rated for 75Ah. The one Deka is 80Ah. Two
Exides are 90Ah. Figuring 5KW usuable or so.
Even with the mix it's acting like an 85Ah pack.
System Voltage72 Volts
Charger 72V 5A charger with reverse pulse
Grabbed it off aliexpress for a great price
Heater48v quartz style for golf cart
DC/DC Converter 72V to 12V 30A
Got it for smoking deal from aliexpress and it
does the job
Instrumentationanalog speedometer, voltmeter and ammeter
Top Speed55 MPH (88 KPH)
AccelerationProbably equivalent of a stock 1.0L Swift
Range22 Miles (35 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/Mile215 Wh/Mile
This is measured from the wall and includes
losses in the charger and the dc dc converter.
Personal best is 165Whr/Mi
EV Miles
Start:192,540 Miles (309,796 Kilometers)
Current:193,330 Miles (311,067 Kilometers)
Total:790 Miles (1,271 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight1,800 Pounds (818 Kilograms)
Conversion Time8 years
Conversion Costover $8000 CAD including the base car
Additional FeaturesNo 12v battery since it's running straight off the dc/dc
converter power.

Lightweight RX7 phone dial wheels with Bridgestone RE92 low
rolling resistance tires.

All LED exterior lighting.

Radio removed along with speakers, ecm and harness, cooling
fuel system, and any unnecessary wiring.

Added a grille block. torqued the wheels, increased tire pressure
34 psi cold, and replaced transmission oil with Mobil Dexron VI
4 oz of NMF and 2 tsp's of tungsten disulfide.
Insured it and registered it Mar 30, 2016 and went to the post
office. Took the old man. He liked...

Cost breakdown:
$1400 for the car in ice form
$2600 USD for Kit #1 from e-volks.com after shipping
$200 for engine hoist from princess auto
$50 for 14" RX7 wheels off kijiji
$400 for Bridgestone RE92 low rolling resistance tires
$20 for a pillar gauge pod
$75 for extra wiring and ends
$40 for power cable crimp tool and brush on electrical tape
$150 USD for 30A dc dc converter and shipping duty/gst
$300 for Brembo rotors all around
$100 for Apex ceramic brake pads all around
$200 for new wheel bearings all around
$150 for new stainless steel braided brake lines all around
$1300 for Optima D31 yellow top batteries
$50 for GM Dexron VI ATF for the 5 speed transmission
$250 USD for 48 volt quartz heater after shipping/tax/duty
$90 for all external LED lighting including headlights
$20 for reverse switch & marker light wiring and horn from wrecker
$30 for digital voltmeter and ammeter with 75 mV shunt
$80 for backup 400A contactor
$40 for cable wrap
$70 for new rear passenger side disc brake caliper
$150 for bumper beam and front fascia from wrecker
$250 for white plastidip
$40 for black and glossifier plastidip spray cans
$120 for aluminum plastidip for the wheels
$70 for the bra
$200 for koi orange plastidip coming next
$300 for 72v Curtis controller for upgrade to 72 volts
$150 for 72v charger 15A for upgrade to 72 volts
$150 for 72v dc dc converter to 12v 30A for upgrade to 72 volts
$20 for Mobil Dexron VI for the transmission
$900 for Motenergy ME1003

code by jerry