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Vehicle2004 Murray
was a ride on mower.. now will be a work horse....
Motor Permanent Magnet DC
Drivetrain5 speed plus reverse
ControllerYi Yun 50 amp
Batteries4, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
System Voltage48 Volts
charger I already had
DC/DC Converter
was a ride on mower.. now will be a work horse....update:6/03/2009
the tractor is 3 years old now and still runs great but today i swapped out the motor to test one i had sitting for 2 years.. well now this tractor is a speed demon.. before in 5th gear i would do 11mph but now i only need to be in 3rd gear.. in 5th now it will do 17mph.. i may put the original 1,5 hp back in down the line but for now it's too much fun so i will just enjoy this motor and speed..
Instrumentationon dash amp gauge I installed myself.... battery gauge
Top Speed17 MPH (27 KPH)
Rangeupdate on range: i have taken it for a 20 minute ride with my little girl on the side road... and the gauge barely moved... i had it on full throttle too.. so i think it will run for a full hour none stop before it runs out of juice.....
Seating Capacityone
Curb Weight200 Pounds (90 Kilograms)
this is only a guess
Conversion Time10 hours
Conversion Cost$142.00 minus the $50.00 I sold the cutting deck for... so total was $92.00 not bad lol
Additional FeaturesUPDATE:3/07/2012 Murray Ele is still working great.
converted it an it had it's first run in Jul 17, 2006. i finally had to put new batteries in it,
(12volt/18 amp hour x 4= 48volt/18amp hr) tested it against a gas tractor @5mph in 3rd gear with new batteries.
results were awesome. the ride was 53 minutes long. gas tractor used 1/4 gallon of gas electric only use 7% of battery power. so for that run gas costed .93cents electric cost .01 cent. i also had to replace throttle. so since i turned it into electric i have spent 150.00 on batteries and 8.00 on a new throttle. total 158.00 plus 8cents per charge. not bad for just under 6 years of fun.. top speed in 5th gear is 15mph to date.
was a 2 year old Murray mover and the motor blew it's piston rod...... so I decided to convert it into electric...it is for the kids to have fun on and for hauling wood plants and such for the wife and I....it is over twice as fast now and is fun to ride....

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