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VehicleMontgomery Wards rideon
this is an old Montgomery Wards tractor a friend of mine found of all places in the trash....
MotorUnite Motor Permanent Magnet DC
Drivetrainit had a 10 hp Briggs that still worked
gone now......
5 speed and reverse trans......
ControllerYi Yun 24v/40amp
Batteries2, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Gel
using these batteries for range as well as for weight in the front of tractor......
System Voltage24 Volts
Heaterdon't think I'll need that... if so matches and some twigs, lol.....
Instrumentationammeter and battery gauge
Top Speed11 MPH (17 KPH)
going to try to keep it around 11 mph but may set it up a little fast if the trans holds up.....
Accelerationshould be massive torque on takeoff like my other tractor.....
Rangewith 50 Amp Hours it may be 3-4 hours.... but I guess we'll have to wait and see....
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight200 Pounds (90 Kilograms)
just a guess may be heavier....
Tires18 inch rears
Conversion Timejust started
Conversion Costfor the batteries $69.00... total should be around $160.00
Additional Featuresnothing fancy, will have a keyed switch ammeter and a battery gauge.....
I just started ripping all the useless stuff off. Spent 4 hours on it Super Bowl day... got it to where I need to be to start adding my parts.... it doesn't look pretty but I will do my best to try to make it look a little better.... this tractor is for my boy (well I had no choice, he called first dibbs on it when we got it) lol....anyway this is so he and I can race against each other......update3-18-2007
i spend 2 hours today and put in the drive system: right now it has a 500 watt motor 40amp controller 24volt power source .. took it for a test drive and is only doing 6mph in 5th gear... seen like the motor it working too hard so i will be putting in a 36v/750watt motor, that should help it out a little... i will take a vid when i change the motor... after that i will strip the paint off and put a new fresh paint to make it look nice... 3/20/07 test run WebPage

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