the tractor
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Murray ele
Pocket Bike
Razor MXZ500
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Power Wheel
Montgomery Wards Tractor
1978 Suzuki RM80 (A.K.A) BUZZ
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2003 Dual Sportmoto 200
1994 Suzuki RM 125
Mini Ride on Mower
LocationFlorida United States map
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Vehicle tractor
Drivetrainstock 5 speed forward, 1 speed reverse
Batteries12.00 Volt,
Instrumentationbattery meter ammeter on/off key
Top Speed5 MPH ( 8 KPH)
left it @ stock speed
Accelerationvery good lots of torque when needed WebPage
Curb Weight0
around 200 just a guess but is lighter that when it had the I>C>E> in it...
Conversion Cost150.00
This tractor will cut grass and for hauling, everything a gas tractor can do this one will also be able to do the same but without the noise and fumes.
update: drive system in and runs great(set @ stock speed..... working on cutting deck now.....

code by jerry