Before PicOld ICENew shaftControllerJack
OwnerBrad Hori
Owner's Other EVs1997 AeroVironment Charger
2007 HP Velotechnik SpeedMachine
2005 EV Global Ebike
1997 Charger Bicycle
2012 Fiskars 6201
LocationMonrovia, California United States map
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Vehicle2020 McLane BH101
Converted gas edger to electric
Motor Permanent Magnet DC
1000W 48 v electric motor.
Drivetrain1000W 48 v electric motor.
Gearing will be 1 to 3.
Motor spins at 3000 RPM.
Blades should spin around 9000 RPM.
China Controller
Batteries1, 48.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage48 Volts
Top Speed1 MPH ( 1 KPH)
Seating Capacity0
Curb Weight40 Pounds (18 Kilograms)
Conversion TimeJust started.
Estimate will be weekends/holidays till its
Conversion CostSo far (McClane $Free).
Electric Motor ($90).
Battery ($150).
Misc sprockets etc ($50)
Additional FeaturesHad to re-engineer the drive train.
Originally the loose V belt would start to turn the pulley when the
belt was tension, but that's not going to work very well with a
chain, so I'm adding a jackshaft where the arm pivots so the chain
stays at the same tension no matter where the arm is located. (I call
it the arm for lack of a better word, but its the assembly that holds
the blade bearings and shaft.

Working good.
Just used for the first time.
Works great, except, It likes to go in a straight line, that said, it
doesn't do corners or uneven grass very well. Unlike the handheld
edger where you can twist and turn at any angle, this one goes

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