New  LiFeP04 from Tongyu-Tech, ChinaNew TensionerMotor drive, planetary and secondary redNew crank and headlights
OwnerBrad Hori
Owner's Other EVs1997 AeroVironment Charger
2005 EV Global Ebike
1997 Charger Bicycle
2012 Fiskars 6201
McLane Edger
LocationMonrovia, California United States map
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Vehicle2007 HP Velotechnik Speedmachine
Custom ordered Speedmachine from Bent Up
Cycles in Van Nuys CA with Rohloff Speedhub,
Avid Carbon Juicy disc, Under seat steering,
Aeroheat wheels, rack, 2 bags, new Xpedo
titanium peddles, new Stronglight CF/titanium
MotorPower Pack Motors 24-48v 3-Phase AC
Brushless Motor Corporation
1 HP @ 36 volts 4500 RPM.
Special CCW running motor.
Bought from Scott at
Drivetrain2 chains split at the jackshaft.
39 tooth front sprocket (was 52T) to a 18
tooth on the jackshaft. From there a 24 tooth
back to the 15 tooth on the Rohloff keeping
the original ratio.
3 Ph 24-48 V 35 amp max.
Works with Resistive or Hall effect
Batteries1, 37.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
New battery pack from Tongyu-Tech of China.
These are LiFeP04 chemistry. I chose this for
the pack life over weight and size, as you
can see it fit like a glove compared to the
LiPo that had room to spare and then some.
Even though I like the old LiPo size and
weight, I believe one or more cells went bad
which brings to whole pack down.
19.2 AH, 14.9 pounds
Thanks Cathy Lin from Tongyu-Tech.

Old battery Made by
These are 37 V at 10 AH. Built in charge
controller-over/under voltage and over
Using 2 packs in parallel.
2 to 3 packs will fit in the pouch along with
2 chargers. Batteries weigh 4.50 pounds each!
Actual usable voltage range is 42-32 volts.
System Voltage37 Volts
From Tongyu. Fan cooled. Nice aluminum case
with 2 LED's. Output charge connector is a
DC/DC ConverterAstrodyne ASD15-48S12
18-75 V in. 12 V at 15 watts out.
Used for turning on the relays through a reed
switch through the kickstand!
Can run headlight, GPS and other equipment.

InstrumentationCateye computer
Garmin Vista CX GPS
Battery SOC Meter
Top Speed45 MPH (72 KPH)
First test I got to 33 MPH, down the street
but had to stop. Still plenty of power on
tap. Will update after my second ride. Oh I
peddled a little, at least tried to keep up.
Second test coming into work, 41.3 MPH and
still more to go as I got scared and shut it
off!!! Had to go over the RR tracks....
44.7 on Colorado Blvd. A long street.
AccelerationBlindingly fast. Was that a word?
Holly S#$*! Neck snapping since it makes use
of the 14 speed Rohloff! Can't shift fast
Range30 Miles (48 Kilometers)
That's just a guestimate. I'll let you know
EV Miles
Start:167 Miles (268 Kilometers)
Current:2,770 Miles (4,456 Kilometers)
Total:2,603 Miles (4,188 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight73 Pounds (33 Kilograms)
The bike starting weight was 45 pounds. The
batteries were 9 pounds, the motor assembly
was 10.7 pounds, plus other odds and ends.
New pack weighs 15 lbs, so total weight went
up about 6 pounds.
TiresSchwalbe Stelvio/ Durano
20 x 1.125 front
26 x 1.10 rear
Conversion TimeAbout 2 months off and on, weekends, vacation
hours etc.. Lots of machined parts. Still
doing a little work here and there.
Conversion CostBike $7500
Motor/controller, 2 battery packs $1500
Additional FeaturesSystem turns on with the kickstand up through a reed switch and
DC-DC can run headlight and GPS.
Tail light comes on with kickstand also.
Still need to refine and fine tune but the first test was better
than I thought it would be, by a factor of WOW.
Added better bearings to the jackshaft this week. Tried twist
throttle but may like the thumb/finger throttle better.. I do
like the thumb throttle better!
Also added a cruse button. This works great too.
Just updated the crank to a Stronglight Pulsion with carbon fiber
and titanium. New peddles are Xpedo titanium/titanium.
Saved about 2 pounds in the process. Had to remake the chain
tensioner because of the new Q factor. Used 7075 Al this time to
save some weight!
Added 3 LED's for headlights. 1 Watt each. Can be switched from
1,2 or all 3 on,or off!
Working on garage door opener. I just have to mount it and wire
to the switch on the left hand grip (done).
NOTE: NONE of my bicycles are for sale!
Aug 2010. One of the lipo packs went bad, also a charger went
bad, unrelated. Huh?
Nothing else new at this time. Still running great. Riding it to
work everyday.
Oh yeah, I did add a larger disc on the rear wheel a year ago.
Felt that more weight was on the rear and braking was not as good
as it could be. Its much better now, much more balanced F/R.
01/11 Found that most chain links were cracked! SRAM PC951 on the
front. Rear chain was not as bad SRAM 58?
Went with KMC 8 speed chains front and rear.
Changed rear chain tensioner from Rohloff to a single wheel
New battery Feb 23rd 2012
BTW, I just crashed this bike (Dec 2016). First bike accident.
Doing about 30 mph. Car turned in front of me. I skidded probably
doing 20 mph by then. No real damage! You should see the car!

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