OwnerBrad Hori
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Vehicle2012 Fiskars 6201 18-Inch Staysharp Max Push Reel Lawn
This is a standard push reel mower.
I wanted something that was low maintenance and also something very important, this one has a chain drive for the reel!
The blades are non contact, so that's why its called Staysharp. There's about a .003" gap between the reel and stationary blade.
It use to be called the Momentum but I guess that never caught on!
Motor Charger Bike Permanent Magnet DC
I used the same drive system as a Charger Bike (I have a bunch!)
It's a 1/2 HP 24V brushed motor with a belt drive jackshaft reduction.
DrivetrainThe original external drive for this mower uses a bicycle chain and some steel sprockets.
Controller No controller
Using a toggle switch to turn on an 24V automotive type relay (30 Amp). Directly coupled to the battery and motor. No speed control.
Batteries1, 29.40 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
Old LiPo pack from my Charger Bike!
System Voltage28 Volts
HeaterMotor gets a little warm, 30 deg f temp rise.
Top Speed3 MPH ( 4 KPH)
Pushing speed, but the reel speed is much faster, maybe twice the original pushing speed. Will put a tach on it later and calculate the push speed when I get one of those round tuits!
Range1 Miles ( 1 Kilometers)
Have not determine this yet but I can cut the lawn 4 or 5 times before recharging, only because my grass is really really thick and this was the purpose of making this electric.
Curb Weight60 Pounds (27 Kilograms)
This is a heavy mower. Their claim to fame was that the reels were heavy and had the momentum to cut, but of course all momentum has to come to an end, and that was about 1 second after it came into contact with my thick grass.
Tires2. Hard rubber
Conversion TimeA couple of weeks off and on.
Only had to make an aluminum mounting plate & bracket for the motor, get a sprocket and used the existing chain and sprocket. Machined some bushings to accommodate the sprockets on the different shafts.
Conversion CostMower, $200. Charger Bike motor (free) Batteries, left over from other electric bike, so essentially free. Sprocket $10 bucks or so..
This mower works great now.
Before I couldn't push it very well on my St Augustine grass after a 2 week grow period. Now it flies along at double the reel speed and cuts without any stopping or rippled grass. Much better than my 2 HP rotary electric mower that leaves crop circles if you don't hit the grass just rite.

My estimate walking speed for the stock mower is 325 RPM blade speed @ 3mphish.
That could be up or down depending on walking speed.
The Charger bike motor is running at 5518 RPM with a 27 volt battery. Battery can be anywhere from 29 to 24 volts.
First reduction is 1359 RPM.
Actual cutter speed is 742 RPM. About double of the stock RPM.
Secondary reduction is 2 to 1.
Motor has a 15 tooth pulley, jacks shaft has a 62 tooth,to a 8 tooth sprocket and the rotor cutter shaft has a 16 tooth.
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