Kart with power supplyElectronicsHall effect speed sensor mountAnderson Release HandleEnerDel SubpackControls
OwnerPaul Kennelly
Owner's Other EVsBoreem Jia
Pink Boreem
Razor Pocket Rocket
Xtreme xp-707
Super-Razz SCOOTAH!!!
Razz Reborn - Scooter too!
Power Wheels
Orange Zest
Razz the Third
LocationKokomo, Indiana United States map
Vehicle Margay
MotorMars ME0708 Permanent Magnet DC
Apparently this motor is too small. We had
to retire from our race because it was at
125C and they usually burn at 140C
Drivetrain#35 chain. 25-58 ratio
ControllerAlltrax AXE 7234
Batteries1 EnerDel Subpack, 43.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Not sure what the modules are. 31-35 Ah.
System Voltage43 Volts
Charger Hewlett Packard 6475 Power Supply
110 Volts. 100 Amps. 1971.
Heatermotor keeps right elbow pretty warm
DC/DC Converter CVT-7212
12 volt 10 amp from electricscooterparts.com
InstrumentationCycle Analyst
Top Speed45 MPH (72 KPH)
Current ratio. Needs to be optimized for the karting track
Accelerationquiet and smooth
Range14 Miles (22 Kilometers)
Race conditions
Watt Hours/Mile200 Wh/Mile
Race conditions
EV Miles
Current:12 Miles (19 Kilometers)
Seating CapacityI'll let you figure that out
Curb Weight0
need to weigh
Tiresracing slicks
Conversion Timea semester
Conversion CostMuch
Additional Features3D printing everywhere

Safety buzzer

Super Legit Anderson release handles

Thanks AndyMark for donating our charging cable!

code by jerry