8s dsub adaptor
OwnerPaul Kennelly
Owner's Other EVsBoreem Jia
Pink Boreem
Razor Pocket Rocket
Xtreme xp-707
Super-Razz SCOOTAH!!!
Razz Reborn - Scooter too!
Power Wheels
Orange Zest
Purdue Kokomo Electric Go Kart
LocationKokomo, Indiana United States map
Vehicle2011 Xtreme X-140
Third revision of this scooter
MotorTurnigy SK 63-74 192 kV Brushless DC
Drivetrain#25 chain 10:60
ControllerTurnigy Sentilon 100A HV
Still switching like a boss.
Batteries2 Turnigy 4s 20c 5000mah, 14.80 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
The best deal in li-po batteries.
Starting to puff after a year of abuse.
Classy Dsub balance connector
System Voltage33 Volts
ChargerTurnigy Accucell-8 150W 7A Balancer/Charger
8 cell capability so I can charge the whole
pack at once with almost five amps.
HeaterTake a steep hill and feel the power.
InstrumentationEnjoy the ride
Top Speed20 MPH (32 KPH)
Goes a tad slower
AccelerationSolid tire slips on rim. Might need some
Range4 Miles ( 6 Kilometers)
Varies widely with speed. Range is
decreasing as batteries age.
Watt Hours/MileMaybe better with the solid rubber tire?
Seating CapacityNot quite
Curb Weight0
no change
Tires8 inch. Front is the same pneumatic as the
first version. After going through 4 tires
and 5 tubes I decided to try solid rubber
Conversion Costmotor: $75
rear tire: $25
Additional FeaturesI bought the motor guard a long time ago. I haven't been in a
situation yet where I'm relieved that I have it on there. It is
much lower than the motor so it drags on tight right turns and
hits obstacles. But highly recommended for when I let friends
try it out. Who knows what they will do ;)

The db9 connectors is the best thing about this scooter. I have
an 8s charger. So instead of messing with two 4s jst-xh
connectors and two charging cycles I can make a single easy
balance connection to charge.
Just a raw scooter. The li-po batteries can dump 100 amps, the
controller can pass 100 amps, the motor can draw 100 amps. The
torque will throw you off if you aren't prepared for it. I've
been riding this for over a year and it still catches me off
guard sometimes!

Took this to a skate park. Had a great time just driving it
around. I won't attempt any tricks, the folding hinge would
probably explode.

code by jerry