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OwnerPaul Kennelly
Owner's Other EVsBoreem Jia
Pink Boreem
Razor Pocket Rocket
Xtreme xp-707
Razz Reborn - Scooter too!
Power Wheels
Orange Zest
Razz the Third
Purdue Kokomo Electric Go Kart
LocationKokomo, Indiana United States map
Vehicle2011 Xtreme X-140
pretty much useless as stock. Why walk when 140 watt scooter moves slower?
Motorunknown 63-54 motor 200 kV Brushless DC
rated at 32 volts 80 amps
~2500 watts peak! The brushless motor screamed!
Good advice: motors cannot produce peak power continuously. The brushless motor died.
Drivetrain#25 chain 14:60 ratio
ControllerTurnigy Sentilon 100A HV
Did well. has a turbo lag like soft start. While it was a fun feature and eliminated motor cogging, it also caused the beginning-of-the-end wheelie.
Batteries2 Turnigy 4s 5000 mAh hardcase packs, 14.80 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
the hardcase makes it the battery safer to squeeze and easier to cram into the vehicle.
System Voltage32 Volts
Charger Hextronik Balancer/Charger
charges through the battery balance wires, so max current is only 2 amps.
Heatermotor and controller
Instrumentationeyes scanning for potholes.
Top Speed26 MPH (41 KPH)
Didn't have time to test, 26 mph is the calculated speed at max motor rpms.
Accelerationslow slow slow BEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAST!
RangeDidn't have time to calcuate
Watt Hours/MileAgain...no time
EV Miles
Current:3 Miles (4 Kilometers)
Seating Capacityzero
Curb Weight1,798 Pounds (817 Kilograms)
Very portable, especially without those hunks of lead-acid batteries!
Tiresobviously not designed to take 200 lbs or 26 mph.
Conversion TimeAbout three months. longer than it could have been. Spent much time staring at the parts, arranging the parts, and waiting for inspirations on how to rearrange the parts.
Conversion CostScooter - 70
motor - 40
batteries - 40
controller - 80
magure throttle - 50
2 chargers - 50
other? - 50?
Additional Features20x POWAH BOOST!!! over stock!

used 4 AA batteries, a Magura potentiometer throttle, and a sevo tester to control the ESC.

The 6 inch Hi-Grip wheel!! Sprocket and Wheel had a standardized bolt circle, so mounting was a cinch!

Intermittent braking action. band brake concentricity is overrated. The brake hub wobble has a larger effect than anticipated.
Featuring the Super-Razz with RAGE SPEED!!!

I programmed the ESC for a 6 second throttle ramp.

So, the scooter had nothing for 3 seconds and then scary acceleration for the next 3 seconds.

Finished on a Friday night, took it for a first test ride. This monster made me scared that it went so fast!!

Rode saturday. One particular take off I leaned a little too far back apparently. I soon realized that the front wheel had left the ground and was accelerating perpendicular to the ground aka up. Next thing I know I am attempting to run at 26 mph while holding a RAGEscoot.

I took a break after that. I nursed my wounds and gave iRATEwheelz a time-out

Coming back to ScoterANGRY I realized that the handle bars and the wheel didn't point the same direction. The fork was bent and the plastic rim for the front wheel was missing a big chunk. The mishap also ripped off the ESC. Having the controller mounted externally placed it in optimal airflow, but compromised protection. But the ESC only suffered a small scratch and continued to rock and roll! well, the ESC rocked and the wheels rolled....sort of.....

But Scootah! was still rideable so off I went.

Sunday I scooted over a manhole cover and the back wheel started clicking. Now the back wheel was shot too!!

Returning home the motor released the magic smoke.

Now Franken scooter wouldn't move unless I actually pushed it like a real kick scooter. Who does that?!

No dice. I never actually rode Scootah with the steel deck mounted! I went ahead and perched on the frame rails barely over all the animal powerful electronincs!

Will rebuild with a better motor, less RAGESPEEDPOWAH, stronger wheels, and a cautious scootering attitude!

code by jerry