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OwnerRay Blackburn
Owner's Other EVs1959 Ford Anglia
2009 Toyota Yaris
LocationPortland, Oregon US map
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Vehicle2008 Toyota 3 door Hatckback Yaris
This company built a terrible EV. The more I learn about it the worse job this company did when building it. Do not consider this company for anything related to EV's. They say any publicity is good, so I left their web page on top but don't buy if you know what is good for you. Every one is gone who built my car and their is not a person left who knows anything about the cars that were built.Toyota Yaris "LIV Wise" Made by Hybrid Technologies. They are now known as EV Innovations. Name change again to Li-ion Motors. Name changes for stock manipulation.
MotorAzure Dynamics/Solectria Solectria 3-Phase AC
The motor is an air cooled AC24 Solectria, single output, 47kW peak, 3-Phase brushless AC Induction Motor. Operating rpm range of 4.5k rpm nominal and 12k rpm maximum speed, with a torque range of 30nm nominal and 74mn peak.
DrivetrainThis is a one speed. The original transmission is not used. Front wheel drive. The T-1200 gearbox from Solectria still leaks as of 2/15/10 after being repaired once and replaced once. The leaking was caused by Li-ion Motors incorrectly installing it. The gear box is clunky when power is applied, then let off, going forward and backward.
ControllerAzure Dynamics/Solectria DMOC 445 2
The Motor Controller is a waterproof 3-Phase inverter. It has a nominal operating range of 336 to 120 VDC (Voltage Direct Current) with a max. Current output of 280A rms.
Batteries80 Kokam 100Ah, 4.15 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
The pack size is 33KWh. 80 cells 6 packs. Closer to 32.8 KWH. I have now began to learn more about amps x voltage = watts.
System Voltage333 Volts
ChargerBrusa NLG 513 air cooled
The Charger is 110/220 VAC (Voltage Alternating Current) input, 250-500 VDC (Voltage Direct Current) 12.5 Amp output
HeaterHV powered water heater/pump. The Heater Coil is powered by the HV battery. The Heater Coil has an operating range of 400 VDC to 200 VDC. The Water Pump is operated by 12V battery power
DC/DC Converter V-Infinity
400 to 150 VDC and has an output of 13.8VDC nominal and can handle loads up to 75Amps
InstrumentationNone as the screen no longer operates. it was made to hobby grade not automotive. The LCD Touch Screen is for monitoring the operation of your vehicle. It has 5 screens.
MAIN: Displays Miles Left, MPH, Percentage of Battery Charge and Power Consumption.
VOLT: Displays each individual cell voltage including the minimum and maximum voltage of the high and low cells
TEMP: Displays each battery packs temperature and the temperature of the highest pack.
TRIP: Displays Drive Time, Distance Traveled, Average Speed, Total Energy used in Watt Hours, Integrated Regen Energy produced and Average Efficiency in Watt Hours. (The trip feature never worked) A bit of false advertisment here.
SET: Is used for programming and calibration. This feature is ONLY to be used by Hybrid Technologies personnel and so is worthless now.
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
Car is very torky between 30-55 mph. Picks up very well from 55 to 65. From 65 to 80 it takes a while to wind up. It is running pretty hard between 65 and 70. A top cruising speed of 69 mph was finally recommended by Li ion Motors.
Acceleration0-60 mph in 12 seconds
I dd some speed test running approx 80 - 85 mph on a hot day and I believe the controller shut down on the hwy, it quickly recovered. It is now recommended to cruis at 69 mph though I can go faster to pass.
Range145 Miles (233 Kilometers)
7/4/09 Was in a 4th of July parade and went 133 miles on one charge, mixed city driving approx 50 miles at 55mph. August 3 2010, did range check. Mixed city driving with at least 50 miles at 55 mph driving with the AC on and the car went 145 miles.
Watt Hours/Mile273 Wh/Mile
300 volts x 50 amps, doing 55 mph on level ground. (300*50/55)
EV Miles
Start:50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
Current:34,175 Miles (54,987 Kilometers)
Total:34,125 Miles (54,907 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults. No back seats. It has all the cargo area of a ICE Yaris
Curb Weight2,750 Pounds (1,250 Kilograms)
300 pounds more or less than the original ICE version. The battery pack most likely weighs 550 lbs.
TiresStandard 15 inch tires, alloy wheels are not standard.
Conversion TimeIt took about 6 months. One month was spent locating the car with my options to convert.
Conversion Cost$41,020 dollars not including delivery to Oregon from NC. Yaris $15,500, conversion coast $26,000
Additional Features-Regen brakes
-Air Conditioning
-Great heater
-Air bags
-Fog lights
-Power door locks, windows, mirrors
-Key less entry
-Alloy wheels
-AM/FM CD with iPod connection
-Rear window defroster
-Rear window wiper
This car was built for me at Li-ion Motors in NC. It should arrive the middle of Sept. or Oct. 2008
Shipping is scheduled. Should be here before x-mas. They said this about some of the test they did recently.

"I have great news on your vehicle. The vehicle has been achieving 130 miles average for each test run and speeds in the upper 80’s. Graphics go on today and also the freezer test will begin today."
1/21/09 I return to Oregon with car. This car is really fun to drive. It has beeped at me and shuts down. That is not fun when it beeps and shuts down. Customer support is very good so far and we are ironing out the glitches. Gas cars have to work really hard to keep up with me from a red light. Wheeeee!

One night late I was plugging the car in and my metal cover plate that I forgot to screwed on to the outlet and forgot it was just sitting there, it fell on the plug when it was half way plugged in and a big blue spark came out and tripped the 220 breaker. The car has not beeped at me at all since I shocked it. It works great now. I just can't see the battery management screen with out the key turned on now. I like it the way it is now. No beeps no shut down, it just runs hard.

2/15/09 Technicians came to fix battery management screen.
4/15/09 Techs return to fix what was not complete on last repair.
5/5/09 Smoke come comes from console in between seats where gear selector is located. Similar to a lit cigarette.
5/15/09 Tech comes to repair area where smoke came from.
6/1/09 Air conditioner stopped working. EV Innovations/Li ion Motors instructed me to remove a air conditioning component (aluminum box) and ship it to them to test. Before shipping it, I plugged the box back in and tried the air conditioner and it worked. Reinstalled box and the air works great. I expect a connection came loose.
7/5/09 Car shipped back to NC for repairs due to leaking gearbox.
9/4/09 Received car, have not driven it yet but it looks like the car is not leaking trans fluid. When charging the car at 110 the car will only draw 2 amps, this equates to 2 miles per hour in range. To charge after going 100 miles range it would take 50 hours. Rendering charging at 110 virtually useless. July 28,2011,friend put meter on car while charging on 120V and meter said 8 amps being drawn. At 220 the car draws 11 to 12 amps which equates to 16 miles per charging hour in range. To charge after going a 100 miles it would take 7 hours and 15 minutes using 220.
9/6/09 Put a 100 miles on the car since it's return and it works better than it did when I first got it. They put approx 300 miles on the car, testing after repairs. I was able to drive the car during all of these glitches except when it was out of the country and the smoking incident.
11/22/09 Car was shipped back to NC again because it leaked from the same spot in the gear box as 7/5/09. As of 1/18/10 still no word on shipping. Received car on 2/4/10 put 500 miles on it and on 2/12/10 a friend called me and said it left oil in his clean driveway. Gearbox is leaking again but not puddling over night yet. While in there shop, they adjusted emergency brake, fixed carpet, replaced door sills. New scratches are on the paint from shipping or other. Had scratches removed for 48 dollars at a body shop. 3/29/10 Car has been doing great for the last 2000 miles. Both times the gearbox leak was fixed they overfilled the gearbox with transmission fluid. Finally when enough fluid leaked out and it got down to a normal level the leak stopped. Has not leaked for approx two months. Running trouble free. Awesome car. 8/4/10 Charger stopped before full charge,restarted charger and fully charged. 8/6/10 Charger having difficulties staying on. 8/8/10 Car will not charge. Well, Li ion Motors says they wish they could come out and fix my car but they are not. Out of 21 months I have owned the car I have been able to use it for 13 months, the other 8 months it has sat waiting for repairs or being repaired. I don't think it is a good idea to buy a car from this company unless you know how to fix it yourself. The 2 year, 24k mile warranty with more than two month repair turn a round has proven useless. Two months and two days and the company sent a guy out to replace the charger so the car is working again. 4/13/11 Car has been working great. It has a rattle I have not located but runs fine. 7/7/11 still working great. 8/11/11.Ok, the BMS screen is not able to pull up info. It lights up but nothing comes into focus. Cannot recommend Li-on Motors as a car to buy. In fact run the other way if even considering this company to tie your shoe. 8/25/11 They will not help at all after the warranty is up and even under warranty you must threaten to sue them for breach of contract or they will not do warranty work. Other purchasers of these cars have been waiting 6 months for warranty work because they are to nice and do not sue them. Now that the warranty is up the car must be made reliable. What Li-on Motors built is unreliable. It will involve much reverse engineering but will be simple instead of complicated. They are far to anal about keeping the cars components a secret thus you must rip out their junk that is secret and does not work and put in better open source components. They have the right idea about building EV's but go about it the wrong way. They give a black eye to EV's in general the way they operate. I feel bad for Li-on Motors because they built my car at a loss,I feel bad for the purchasers of the vehicles because the turn around time for warranty work is horrendous, they have to numerous repairs after the sale, during the warranty period they ignored emails, after the warranty is up they do not return a email at all. I would not have threatened to sue them if they would not have breached the warranty, sorry but telling me they don't know when they are coming out to do warranty work is no warranty at all. This will be quite a education keeping this car going now but I am up for it. Poor quality issues of this build are. 1)They froze the rear brake auto adjusters to the slack position so the rear brakes would not self adjust and lessen range, what this does is make the emergency brake eventually fail. 2)They used motor controllers that were four years old in the build, in order to make adjustments to it new software should be flashed in as the new ccshell3 from Azure will not work on the old controller software this costs $250.00. 3)The Speedometer/odometer was never accurate beyond 30 mph. 4)The display screen is hobby quality instead of automotive quality and has no dimmer so blinds you at night and has now quit working completely. 12/11/11. The more I learn of this conversion the worse it gets. 5)Turns out the gear box is located in front of the front tires putting stress on the half shafts and CVC joints, wearing them out prematurely.6)Li ion Motors rotated the gear box to compensate for bad positioning and this makes the gear box leak. So because they installed it incorrectly the gear box had problems, it is not the fault of the T 1200 gear box.7) Li ion Motors takes the gear box apart and does not get it back together correctly. 8)No EMI shielding on the HV leads going from controller to motor. Evidently Li-ion thought this shielding unnecessary, according to the Azure Dynamic's manual, they want the shielding. I have a error code in the controller that says to check shielding and grounding. Li-ion Motors made their own economical wire harness rather than getting the one from Azure with the shielding. 9)They vertically hung the controller with no vibration dampening as oppose to sitting it fans up horizontally with vibration dampeners. 3/2/12 To their credit Azure Dynamics reluctantly updates my controllers, what a relief. Many thanks to Beth Silverman and Scott Parisi at Azure Dynamics.

Here is a interesting article on Li-ion Motors. WebPage

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