One side of the stack of three boxes.Inside the battery box.Other half of the Converter.ConverterBattery packsDischarging a cell to balance pack.High voltage fuse box.Between the Packs closer.HV fuse box.
OwnerRay Blackburn
Owner's Other EVs2008 Toyota Yaris
1959 Ford Anglia
LocationPortland, Oregon United States map
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Vehicle2009 Toyota Toyota Yaris
Purchased from Marietta Georgia. From the guy who still has it up on the EV Album, his pics are better anyway.
MotorAzure Dynamics/Solectria AC24 3-Phase AC
These motors do well in these cars for city and Hwy.
ControllerAzure Dynamics/Solectria DMOC 445
This one is a 445 not 445 II as in Silver Yaris.
Batteries88 Kokam Don't know but will be opening up the battery box, 4.02 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
This pack out of balance by .27 at times. The cells are much out of balance. Should charge to 366. If this pack was as well balanced as silver Yaris it would.
System Voltage355 Volts
ChargerBrusa NG 5013 same as other Yaris
Specs out at 12.5 amps max.
HeaterLooks like the Rm4 on the website below.
DC/DC Converter V- Infinity
Spans 200-400 volts. Converts HV to 13.8 Volts at 75 amps when needed by the house 12 lead battery. This converter is no longer made. This converter is heatsink, no fans.
InstrumentationStill has a working BMS screen. Same as silver Yaris only this one still works but has been replace once under warranty. Evey car Lion Motors corp built has had the BMS screen replaced at least once.
Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)
Should just keep it at 55 mph on the hwy.
AccelerationSpec is 0-60 in 12 secs. It does right around their I am sure.
Range120 Miles (193 Kilometers)
Same as other Yaris.
Watt Hours/Mile300 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Start:50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
Current:18,580 Miles (29,895 Kilometers)
Total:18,530 Miles (29,814 Kilometers)
    As of 3/16/2012
Seating Capacity2
Curb Weight2,800 Pounds (1,272 Kilograms)
TiresEnergy savers
Conversion CostWho cares but less than half of the other Silver Yaris.
Additional FeaturesEvery thing Silver Yaris has and a bit more.

Tinted windows
Stereo, after market
Energy saver tires
Shark antenna

It has 8 more cells than SilverEV as well but since the BMS can't shunt one cell the others can't fully charge so it does not go as far as SilverEV. But it could... If someone was man enough to poke around in them aluminum boxes. I am just the dummy, er I mean man to do it.
Turns out cars built by Hybrid Technologies, EV Innovations, or currently Li-ion Motors are scary. I don't believe they are engineered well, once you really get a closer look. The BMS seems to be very weak on this build. One cell is out way out of balance, according to the working BMS. The Proprietary BMS of Lion Motors is unable to top balance the pack. It finishes charge at 355 volts. With the top cell at 4.19 and the bottom at 4.03. Lately the bottom 87 cells only make it to 3.73

Silver Yaris had a very balanced pack from the start.

This pack should charge at 366 volts if the BMS could do it's job. This pack should discharge to 290 volts.
Instead it charges to 355 and discharges to 299. At this level of discharge the low cell is 3.28, the high cell is 3.50. The BMS activates if any cell reaches 3.28.

1/9/12 Actually the cells can sag down to 3.20 and 295 volts and the BMS will not activate but when the BMS does activate the low cell bounces up to 3.28 and the BMS shuts the car down.

Silver Yari's pack charges from 333 and discharges to 268 or even more at this level, the lowest cell reads 3.38 and the highest 3.45, the pack could be pushed to a low of 3.28 before the BMS has a cow. Silver Yaris has more usable volts though it has 8 less cells. Just goes to show you what a balanced pack does. I don't mean BMS balance, I mean Ah capacities, the batteries were closely matched from the beginning in voltage but mostly it is the similarity in Ah capacities, they may have been tested and matched in Ah capacities before the pack was installed in silver yaris, blue Yaris not so much.
3/15/12 Determined which of the six had the strong cell and remove the box with the strong cell put it on the bench opened it and determined which cell was the strong cell. Hooked up a wire to the positive and the negative of the cell and discharged it to 3.62-3.60v to match the other 87 cells. With the first charge to 4.2v the strong cell was .12 ahead of the others. Still much better than the .50 volts out of balnace when I started.

code by jerry