OwnerRay Blackburn
Owner's Other EVs2008 Toyota Yaris
2009 Toyota Yaris
LocationPortland, Oregon United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1959 Ford Anglia
Made by Ford for England. Anglia was made from before WW2 to 1967. My model was produced from 1953 to 1959, the 100E. In 1953 when the three box style came out it was billed as the worlds cheapest car.
Motor Series Wound DC
I don't know who made them for sure but I will try and find out.
DrivetrainWell I have a 11 or a 13 inch motor to put in it, I have not decided. It will be direct drive into a Ford 9" rear end.
Controller Soliton 1000 amps, or 1400 amps
Would like to have a zilla 2k but none in stock.
Batteries94 Thunder Sky Yitriums, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
System Voltage300 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC 20
Buck boost to 30 amps
DC/DC Converter
Not sure yet
Top Speed120 MPH (193 KPH)
Street drag car to race Wednsday nights at PIR in the 1/8 mile
Acceleration0-60 mph 4 seconds or less.
Range70 Miles (112 Kilometers)
Watt Hours/MileDon't know.
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,700 Pounds (1,227 Kilograms)
TiresNot yet known
Conversion Time5 months
Conversion Cost30k
Additional FeaturesWell it's taking longer than I expected but batteries are coming down in price. Perhaps A123 if the packaging can be done well as they are 20 ah. Also a lot longer than 12 months. OR five months. Might be able to do it for
under construction.

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