Segway Gokart 1
OwnerMark Smith
Owner's Other EVs2012 Organic Transit Naked ELF 2FR
2014 Optibike Helia
2007 Optibike 600
2012 HCF 301 Scooter
LocationHillsborough, North Carolina United States map
Vehicle2019 Segway/Ninebot GoKart
What do you get when you fit a Segway miniPRO self balancing scooter behind Ninebot's two front wheels, seat, and steering wheel kit? A Segway GoKart!

This incredibly fun to operate Segway GoKart kit was on sale in Oct 2019 and since we added this to our Light EV demos, it is the most popular EV for people of all ages to test ride! Thankfully, the front bumper is available as a reasonably priced replacement part, we needed it after 3rd EVent!
Segway/Ninebot 9" wheel with integrated 3
phase DC brushless motor
DrivetrainSegway miniPRO self balancing scooter
Controller Segway custom
Segway custom self balancing scooter
Batteries1, 58.00 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Custom battery pack with controls integrated into Segway/Ninebot controller.
System Voltage58 Volts
Top Speed16 MPH (25 KPH)
After 40 hours of operation, the Segway/Ninebot firmware allows you to get up to 16mph! At least when the GoKart is attached to the Segway miniPRO or compatible Ninebot S, there is none of the pushing back against you when you reach an arbitrary initial below 16mph!
Range5 Miles ( 8 Kilometers)
Honestly, we weren't trying to go any significant distance. The Segway miniPRO alone has a range of 5 mi on flat ground.
Seating Capacity1
Curb Weight65 Pounds (29 Kilograms)
65lb all put together
Conversion Time45min after unpacking, the Segway/Ninebot GoKart kit was working with the Segway miniPRO. 20min of that was updating the firmware on the miniPRO and an Android smartphone!
Conversion Cost$550 (on top of the Segway miniPRO which we acquired used for $175)
Additional FeaturesReverse gear! Adjustable performance from the Android/iPod/iPhone app.
More to come in this space. The Segway/Ninebot GoKart brings out all kinds of folks who never thought Light EVs would be so much fun, or so quick and nimble!

code by jerry