Naked ELF is a hit
OwnerMark Smith
Owner's Other EVs2014 Optibike Helia
2019 Segway-Ninebot GoKart
2007 Optibike 600
2012 HCF 301 Scooter
LocationHillsborough, North Carolina United States map
Vehicle2012 Naked ELF 2FR
This is an Organic Transit (OT) ELF 2FR
prototype which never had the distinctive fairing of the production OT ELF. As with all Electric Light & Fun (ELF) vehicles, this includes a bicycle drive train in addition to
the electric bicycle drive.
MotorKelly Brushless DC
600 watt DC motor
DrivetrainSRAM 8 speed internal rear hub shifter in the rear wheel with right hand sprocket. Fixed sprocket chain from mid-mounted electric motor to left hand sprocket freewheel on rear wheel.
ControllerKelly Basic
Batteries1 BMZ Custom for OT, 48.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Organic Transit had custom battery packs built for the different configurations over their 2012-2019 production run. This Naked ELF 2FR had one of the original blue plastic packaged 48v@10Ahr packs. This one is still working at about 75% capacity as of 2Q2020! We have a second 48V 6Ahr battery on board for longer rides.
System Voltage48 Volts
Charger Grin Tech Satiator
I replaced the generic 1.5a charger with a
Grin Tech Satiator 8A/48v charger:
Top Speed32 MPH (51 KPH)
As a Class 2 electric bicycle in US, the controller cuts out at 20mph. Pedaling in the highest gear downhill gets us to 32mph. Typical speed is 16mph on flat ground with some pedaling and some electric assist.
Range40 Miles (64 Kilometers)
25 mi is as far as we have ridden the Naked ELF at a time, with total 16Ahr capacity. The range is very dependent upon how much and how hard one pedals and the terrain.
Watt Hours/Mile20 Wh/Mile
This is very dependent upon how much one pedals and the terrain.
EV Miles
Current: Miles (0 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 adults, possible to have 1 adult driver with 2 children riding in the foam passenger seating.
Curb Weight125 Pounds (56 Kilograms)
Though weighing only 125 lb, this OT Naked ELF can carry over 500 lb!
TiresThe front wheels have a shock mount with about 1/2" of play.
Conversion TimeRefurbishing took less than 20 hours. New rear tire, refurbish SRAM controls, small amount of rewiring, and updated battery pack is all the Naked ELF needed! It was languishing in a garage for several years.
Conversion Cost$550: $375 of that for an updated battery pack.
Additional FeaturesThe Naked ELF has two bars affixed to the sheet metal that covers the rear wheel to support attach of bicycle panniers for gear.

There is also a platform and foam seat for two children or one adult behind the driver. A pair of OT branded running boards made from customized skateboards provides a platform for passengers to rest their feet.
A Triad EV Association ( member Light EV (LEV).

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