Kawasaki Ninja 250motor mount adapterME1003 installed with custom motor mount
LocationJacksonville, Florida United States map
Vehicle2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250
Motor lost compression, picked up as a parts
bike for $100.

First ever EV.

I just ordered my motor, motor controller,
solenoid, throttle and pre charge resistor,
brand new from cloudelectric for $1,300. This
is really happening. Batteries and charger
are next :/

Got my 11 Leaf Modules, attempting to mount
them Like Joe's 500EX! Love the look.
Still on the hunt for a good charging system
without breaking the bank.

Found a great charger and batteries. Figuring
out how to mount the batteries securely to the
bike frame is a challenge.
things are coming along though!
MotorMars ME1003 Permanent Magnet DC
DrivetrainChain Drive
ControllerAlltrax 7245
Batteries0.00 Volt,
I will have a delta q quic charger on board but
no BMS at this time.
System Voltage72 Volts
Not sure yet.
DC/DC Converter
No idea what brand but it works!
RangeNo idea yet.
Conversion TimeOne day of work, 2 months of procrastination
now waiting on shipping.
Donor Bike = $100
Motor, controller, solenoid, contactor =
Batteries 11 leaf cells $1,400
Charger $250
DC DC convertor $100
Conversion Cost$3,150...so far.
Need some welding done, and some flexible 2AWG
wire... might be another couple hundred...Well
below my target of $4,000



code by jerry