Engine bay OMG!New instrumentation decals LHSVacuum pump and air con fitted.Instrumetation decals RHSTwo ADC 8 inch motorsFrom the rear.Speedo and Tach drive.Engine bay now.Old Instrument decals
OwnerDavid & Leonie Waplington
Owner's Other EV1960 Renault 4CV
LocationDawesville, Western Australia Australia map
Vehicle1988 Maserati BiTurbo 425 sedan
Four door Maserati sedan from 1988.
MotorAdvanced DC Series Wound DC
Two 8 inch ADC motors mounted on a sub-frame installed in the transmission tunnel.
DrivetrainTwin ADC 8 inch motors. Direct drive to
original LSD diff.
ControllerEvnetics Soliton 1 running ver 3 software
The ver 3 software enables analog outputs for tacho, pack voltage and controller temperature.
Batteries45 CALB/Skyenergy 180 A/Hr, 3.40 Volt, Lithium-Ion
Distributed in two groups. 12 cells replace the fuel tank, the rest in a steel case under the hood.
System Voltage144 Volts
Charger TC chargers by Hangzhou Tiechang
These guys build the chargers to your required voltage. I bought three 1.5kW versions to drive from three phase. I can charge at 4.5kW from my solar.
HeaterI'm working on reverse cycle air conditioning using a Masterflux Sierra 06 compressor. 90-160V DC input.
DC/DC ConverterIota DS-55
Input: 108-190V
Output:13.4V at 55A. (950W)
InstrumentationSpeed, tacho, vacuum gage, pack voltage, controller temperature, SoC and aux (12v) battery voltage.
Top SpeedI've driven it around the garage!
Seating CapacityFour. By removing the fifth set of seat belts I can add 80kg of other stuff like batteries. Local law.
TiresBlack rubber things. 195/60-R14
Conversion TimeYears. I built and moved house since I started.
Additional FeaturesSoC is via the Zeva fuel gage driver. EV-Power Mini BMS and cell modules. Immobilizer with remote central locking, includes separate trunk release. Reversing beeper (built into the rev light globes). Joy stick for direction selector (local law).
LED interior lights which now include RED warnings when door open on all four doors not just two. White LEDs (all 4 doors) that point down to light puddles at night. Frig - peltier device, currently in the trunk but could be fitted between the rear seats - I'm still thinking about that.
After finishing Elektra in 2008/9 We needed something with better weather protection, better brakes, more go and more pizzazz. Came across the Maserati on line and cheap. Straight body, repainted, upholstery redone except the leather seats which are in good condition.

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