OwnerWayne Krauth
Owner's Other EVs1999 Saturn SL2
2010 Factory Five Mk4 Roadster
LocationSteep Falls, Maine United States map
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Vehicle2013 Chevrolet Volt
Electric car with an onboard generator for when batteries run out.

145 MPG lifetime avg after the first year of driving.
DrivetrainElectric drive 149 hp, 273 lb-ft.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
System Voltage400 Volts
Charges from a 30A Level 2 charger in about 4 hours.
AccelerationAcceleration is excellent in Sport mode.
Range41 Miles (65 Kilometers)
41 electric miles, however regen is surprisingly good and increases that range significantly.
Watt Hours/Mile240 Wh/Mile
est 240 wh/mi based on dash display
EV Miles
Start:29 Miles (46 Kilometers)
Current:385 Miles (619 Kilometers)
Total:356 Miles (572 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 Humans
Curb Weight3,781 Pounds (1,718 Kilograms)
Additional FeaturesKudos to Chevrolet Engineering on this car!

Driving is a pleasure, car is quiet and solid. Acceleration is nearly silent but surges with enough pedal, and is unexpectedly quick in Sport mode.

Extensive instrumentation on two displays. Showing the battery range and gasoline range, kW power flow in and out of the battery.

Regenerative breaking(and coasting)can add quite a few miles to a charge, often 10 extra miles on a "40" mile charge.

7/16/14 - Just completed the first year with this car and have about 14,000 miles on it. It has used 94.1 gallons of gas and shows a lifetime avg of 145 MPG.
My first factory-built EV!

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