Escape Velocity from Behind
OwnerAlan Dennis
LocationCorvallis, Oregon United States map
Vehicle2009 Roketa Jamaica MC-46
This is a nice medium sized maxi-scooter.
I chose this model because it can house
plenty of batteries within its fairings.
The electronics are completely hidden and
waterproof - it is a professional scooter
conversion. I chose a scooter over a
motorcycle because a shifter isn't
necessary, and it can comfortably carry
two people.

75+ MPH
45 mile range
0-30 in 2 seconds
0-60 in 6 seconds
$0.005 per mile
MotorKelly In-wheel hub motor Brushless DC
Driven up to 14.5KW, this translates to
about 16HP with operating losses.
DrivetrainThe motor is built into the rear wheel. No
transmission, no belts or chains. One
moving part in the entire drive train -
the wheel. Truly, unsurpassed reliability.
350 amp capacity for high torque. Mounted
on an aluminum cooling
plate for silent operation. Regenerative
breaking puts power back in the
Batteries24 Thunder Sky TS-40AHA, 76.80 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
90,000 mile lifespan. Won't catch fire or
explode, ever.
System Voltage77 Volts
The charger plugs into any standard
household outlet and draws up to 15A.
Charge time from flat to full is about 2.5
InstrumentationI'm using a CycleAnalyst digital dashboard
which displays speed, power consumption,
and other interesting statistics. It is
housed in a 3D-printed casing that I
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
I have taken it up to 75MPH with room in
the throttle to spare. This size of
scooter was only designed to travel at 45
or 50MPH, so I
haven't pushed it.
AccelerationThe scooter is very quick. The electronic
throttle response is instantaneous and it
accelerates up to 35MPH before it reaches
the crosswalk on the other side of an
intersection. Leaves cars far behind.
Range45 Miles (72 Kilometers)
At my average 55 Wh/Mile consumption, This
scooter will go 45 miles and have 20%
capacity left. By not draining the
batteries below 20%, the longetivity
should be greater than 2,000 full charge
cycles or 90,000 miles. If I ever reach
90,000 miles, the scooter should still be
able to go about 35 miles. A battery's
end-of-life is considered to be 80% of its
original capacity (which is still very
Watt Hours/Mile55 Wh/Mile
That is about 600MPGe if you compare the
BTUs in a gallon of summer
10% ethanol regular gasoline to the BTUs
in a KWh of electricity. The
cost per mile is $0.005. With no oil
changes or other maintenance, that
is essentially the true cost of operation.
$5 for every 1,000 miles.
Period. Well, keep the tires inflated.
EV Miles
Current:9,500 Miles (15,285 Kilometers)
    As of 6/4/2014
Seating CapacityTwo adults with underseat and trunk storage
space for 3 bags of groceries (or a weekend
supply of backpacking gear).
Curb Weight350 Pounds (159 Kilograms)
The batteries are very low in the frame,
giving it an extremely stable ride. I can
ride as slow as 2MPH without having to put
a foot down. It is very flickable,
meaning that it can change directions very
Conversion TimeConversion time was about six months. A
lot of that time was putting in the time
to research components after I had bought
the scooter. Another factor that delayed
completion was the cold winter and working
in an unheated garage.
I am interested in converting scooters and motorcycles to hub-
motor driven electric vehicles! Let me know if you are
interested and I can give you a good price.

I have designs for a scooter or motorcycle that can travel up
to 90MPH, a range of up to 100 miles, and a whopping 50HP of
raw power that is guaranteed to beat any street-legal bike in
the quarter mile.

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