Under HoodIt's finally paintedBrush and comm break-inNew Motor and TransmissionPainted and assembledDashboardClimbed Mt. WashingtonDrivetrain installedWinterport Dragway
OwnerWayne Krauth
Owner's Other EVs1999 Saturn SL2
2013 Chevrolet Volt
LocationSteep Falls, Maine United States map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2010 Factory Five Mk4 Roadster
Kit car, replica of a 1965 AC Cobra.
MotorGeneral Electric , Dennis Berube racing motor Series Wound DC
11" diameter GE motor built with Dennis's secret
sauce for drag racing. 220 lbs
DrivetrainDirect Drive, motor to rear end, 2.73 gear ratio
ControllerManzanita Micro Zilla 2k HV
Liquid cooled, Hall Effect pedal, 2000 amps.
Batteries336 A123 Systems 20Ah pouch, 3.34 Volt, Lithium-Ion

Orion BMS with Torque on Android tablet as part
of the dashboard
System Voltage280 Volts
ChargerManzanita Micro PFC 30
wired to accept 115V, 230V and J1772
Heaterjacket and gloves
DC/DC Converter
DC/DC 110-360V input from evsource
InstrumentationGPS speedometer / odometer, tachometer,state of
charge, motor temperature, Bluetooth BMS monitor
via Android tablet, SoundRacer engine sound
Top Speed150 MPH (241 KPH)
Acceleration0-60 in about 3 seconds
1/8 mile - 7.06 sec at 91 mph with 1.51 60 ft.
Range65 Miles (104 Kilometers)
21 kWh pack
Watt Hours/Mile350 Wh/Mile
Working to improve aerodynamics on this car.
Also expect that range will improve after a few
hundred or thousand miles. New brakes & pads,
and maybe rear-end need to break-in
EV Miles
Current:4,435 Miles (7,135 Kilometers)
    As of 1/16/2018
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,240 Pounds (1,018 Kilograms)
Approximately 2240 lbs
Tires9" wide rims on front, 10.5" on rear
Front tires: BF Goodrich 245/45R17 g-force super
sport A/S
Rear: Hoosier slicks for for drag racing or
245/45R17 for street
Conversion Time6 years
Conversion Costtrying not to think about it
Additional Features- No roof.
- SoundRacer - Simulated engine sound of a Shelby V8, tied
to throttle input, high powered speakers in car nose.
- Bluetooth connected Android tablet running Torque to
create a configurable dashboard display with multiple gauges
- USB connection for laptop to configure BMS
- Serial port connection to Zilla motor controller
- Terrible aerodynamics on this car! Coefficient of drag
appears to be 0.5, so range is not as good as I was hoping,
but it sure accelerates nicely!
This is a new EV build from scratch, not a conversion.

Construction started 12/31/10.

1/21/11 - Designing and fabricating the motor mounts.
Next up, install the 8.8" rear end and figure out the
drive shaft length.

3/3/11 - Motor installed, now assembling rear end.

3/20/11 - Third motor mount completed, rear end
temporarily installed to measure for drive shaft length.
Brake pedal and pistons installed. Accelerator pedal
installed. Steering installed. Started installing
aluminum panels...

4/5/11 - Custom length drive shaft on order, front brake
lines installed, fuse panel and main wiring harness,
dashboard harness in place. The passenger foot box
aluminum is riveted in, and a few other pieces. The rear
battery box frame has been built and installed.

4/23/11 - Drive shaft in, front brake lines in, wiring
harnesses laid out, dashboard covering glued on and many
gauges, switches and indicators mounted. Dash wiring
under way.

6/14/11 - Dash wiring mostly completed and working, line
lock installed, controller shelf fabricated and mounted,
controller installed and it's wiring is started. Throttle
position sensor mounted and is working good mechanically.
Rear end 80% assembled and almost ready to install.
Front battery tray has been fabricated and welded in.

7/12/11 - Rear end installed with calipers and rotors,
started on emergency brake. Motor controller now powered
up with 12V, throttle pedal works smoothly from 0-100%
according to the dashboard display for the motor
controller. A set of 5 contactors are installed, 2 for
forward, 2 for reverse, and the main. Now wiring
contactor controls. 12V direct to the motor now spins the
rear wheels. :-)

Liquid coolant reservoir and pump have been mounted, still
need to mount the radiator, wire the fans, fabricate
something to mount a coolant temperature sensor, and add
tubing to complete the motor controller cooling system.

7/22/11 - Rear brake lines installed, emergency brake
assembled, installed and adjusted. Added brake fluid
last night, now looking for any additional leaks. Rear
tire rims mounted temporarily to make sure the brake and
e-brake lines are not rubbing against them.

Two 12V lead acid batteries are temporarily in place to
provide a minimal traction pack to the motor controller
for testing. Contactor controls are now wired and working
when manually powered, but not with the full system
activated. currently troubleshooting.

9/21/11 - Finished the brakes, emergency brake, and rear
end installation. Ran 12 hours at 12v on the motor to
finish seating the brushes. Built framework to support
the radiator that cools the motor controller. Installed
the liquid pump, tubing, fans and wiring for the radiator.
Added more trunk aluminum and passenger side cockpit
aluminum. Mounted a stereo in the dashboard.

Increased traction pack to 72V (6 x 12V lead acid) for low
voltage drive testing and to run the car until I can get a
lithium pack together. The 72V pack will make about 50
hp in this car.

Installed 4 borrowed tires (thanks Dane!) for temporary
use until the car becomes road ready.

9/27/11 - First test drive!!! Minimally equipped to be
driven, no body, no lights, lots of stuff half-done, but
it runs!

1/25/12 - Battery packs under construction. 7 packs total
at 330V nominal.

8/20/12 - 3 battery packs completed and installed. BMS,
charger, SoundRacer, wireless tablet access all installed
and working. Body has been mounted

9/11/12 - All body parts mounted. All lights and wipers
complete and working. New tires installed. Now
installing the carpeting and waiting for the State
inspector to arrive and assign a VIN number.

9/20/12 - 20 mile test drive today!

11/25/12 - Building up second set of battery packs to
bring car to 240V from 120V. Poor aerodynamics and high
rolling resistance tires are hurting the range. Looking
to make modifications for both aero and tires.

2/22/13 - Three rear batteries done to make the rear pack. Pulled
motor out to change to different brushes.

3/31/13 - Front to rear wiring conduits finished, rear battery
tray height modified to better fit battery packs. Starting
weather tight enclosure for rear pack.

6/15/13 - Finally getting some break-in miles on the car at low
power settings. Limiting motor to 500A max for now.

7/29/13 - motor break-in looking very good. Increased to 1000
max motor amps, and then to 1200A after a few more drives. At
this power level (about 250kW or 335 hp), the car is a rocket. 0-
60 is now under 5 seconds.

8/15/13 - increased motor current to 1350A. 0-60 in 4.2 seconds,
213 ft

7/1/14 - major drivetrain upgrade in progress. Installing a
Dennis Berube drag racing motor with a 2 speed converted
Powerglide transmission. Car body is out at the paint shop.

8/18/14 - Painted body on, still working through additional finish
work, chrome, etc. After 130 miles, increased max motor amps
from 1000 to 1200, making it easy to break traction.

8/24/14 - Set NEDRA XS/B drag racing record for 1/8 mile, while
running at 64% power.

9/13/14 - Climbed Mt Washington

9/28/14 - changed rear end from 4.10 to 2.73 to increase top speed
and maintain hard acceleration to higher speeds.

7/31/15 - Set NEDRA FC/B record. fastest pass at 7.20 seconds 87
mph, 1.51 second 60 foot.

6/10/2016 - Set NEDRA FC/B record, 7.06 seconds @ 90

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