OwnerPetr Kortanek
Owner's Other EVsMadison Nashville Racer
GT Chucker Electric
LocationSedlcany, Drazka Czech Republic map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1994 Fiat 126P
aluminium rims, additional high beam lights,
MotorHPEVS AC-35 3-Phase AC
DrivetrainSkoda 130 5speed gearbox
ControllerCurtis 1238 550 Amp
Batteries36 Winston 160 Ah, 108.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
There are 2 CALB 180Ah and 2 Sinopoly 200Ah
cells. All the cells have capacity > 180Ah
(CALB limit).
System Voltage108 Volts
Charger QQE 48V 30A
Configuration is 2x48V 30 Amp (in fact
maximum CC/CV 64V *
30A = 1920W), almost 4kW from a socket
(when AC230V voltage
is lower then it exceeds 16 Amps). These
Chinese chargers
have bad cosinus phi (0.7). For
fast charging I am using 6 pieces of these
chargers = 12kW charging (100 km in one
HeaterWebasto (diesel)
DC/DC Converter Clean Power 30A
InstrumentationCycle Analyst, cell loggers, analog amp
meter + voltmeter, 12V battery amp + volt
display, Curtis Spyglass gauge custom
Top Speed90 MPH (144 KPH)
Acceleration0-60 kph very fast!
Range130 Miles (209 Kilometers)
I was able to ride 160km and consume only
120Ah. Way from Brusel to Amsterdam 205km
finished allright (average speed 79km/h). It
has definitely more than 200km.
Watt Hours/MileIt is very easy to get under 10kWh/100km.
When I am driving fast it can be 12-
EV Miles
Current:30,000 Miles (48,270 Kilometers)
    As of 6/25/2014
Seating Capacity4 (officialy 2, because of the original lead
acid batteries which were heavy)
Curb Weight0
TiresStock 135/70 R13, for winter I bought 135/80
Conversion Cost$10k

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