OwnerPetr Kortanek
Owner's Other EVsFiat 126P
GT Chucker Electric
LocationSedlcany, Drazka Czech Republic map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2000 Madison Nashville
Ordinary mountain cross bike
MotorCrystalyte 5303 vII Brushless DC
New version of Crystalyte X5 5303, bought
from Lyen.com. It has got 23 poles.
DrivetrainCrystalyte 5303 vII
Controller Lyen 12FET 3077
max 60V, max ?? amps
Batteries20 Ah, 48.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
sack battery pack, bought from ebay for
~$500 charger and BMS included, maximum
sustainable current 30A (1500W), actually
it could be drained more (45 A maximum for
short time, 60 A overprotection)
System Voltage48 Volts
60V@5A, included with a battery
DC/DC Converter
48 V -> 12 V received from lyen, good for
charging cell phone, LED light etc..
Top Speed41 MPH (65 KPH)
This bike is not suitable for getting off
the line quickly. Its power and efficiency
is noticeable and appreciable mainly while
riding at least 30 kph
Accelerationfor people that try it first time it is
surprising and they like it very much
Range125 Miles (201 Kilometers)
Using full power in a bit hilly area could
be 50-60 km. Usually I get over 100km
easily. On pretty straight road (low total
elevation) I travelled 150km while drained
15Ah with average speed 38kph.
Watt Hours/Mile10 Wh/Mile
EV Miles
Current:1,300 Miles (2,091 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight70 Pounds (31 Kilograms)
Conversion Timeless than one week
Conversion Cost$1000 - $1500
Additional Features3mm motorcycle spokes, "speed" handlebars, pedal gear 48 plus
rear gear 11 = I can still pedal while going 50 - 60 kph
super price for kilometer, better for health because I am still
pedaling while riding, its fun to pass other bicycle riders
(they wont hear anything until you pass them). The best thing
is to pass those with super expensive carbon road bicycles,
dresses, bicycle shorts etc... From the back or front side of
the bike it is not noticeable that it is electric bike. Some
people do not recognize it even while standing right next to it
(they think I have kinda toolbox instead of battery)

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