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LocationPerugia, Umbria Italy map
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Vehicle2011 Hitachi Excavator
We used a new Excavator by Hitachi. This project
was made under request of the importer of
Hitachi in Italy for an international fair. Now
we can offer also for other customer this
MotorBest Motors 12 kW 3-Phase AC
The same used for the forklift.
BatteriesAlchemy 200Ah, 80.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage80 Volts
ChargerZivan Ng7
Heaterno need
DC/DC ConverterZivan
InstrumentationBattery capacity by Zapi
Top SpeedMore than original one but I can't say.
RangeThe excavator last only two hours if
you use all the power. With a normal
use we can work for four hours. With
some easy development we can reach 5
house. If you have the budget you can
ask Lithium version. It can work for 8
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight22 Pounds (10 Kilograms)
It weight like the Original one. The
weight is in agreement of safety rules
about roll bar (ROPS certification).
Conversion Time10 days
Conversion CostWe can provide a quote for the people that
are interested
Additional FeaturesThe excavator has 12 kW like the ICE engine. The torque of the motor
is higher so now the performance of the digger are much better. We
can make a lithium version for the customer that don't want

This product can be a solution for demolition and maintance where
hoise and poluttion are critical. Some examples: tunnels, museum,
golf field, church, commercial centre, market historical centre,
enviromental protected area, etc..
You can find a video of the excavator at this address:

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thanks to Cotemi staff for the help!

code by jerry