Finished eFazer
OwnerPaul Wayper
LocationCanberra, Australian Capital Territory Australia map
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Vehicle1999 Yamaha FZS 600
Original half-faired bike was in an accident - fairings and headlights damaged and chunk taken out of motor casing but no structural damage. Replaced fairings with full fairing kit from England, windscreen with touring screen from Eagle Screens.
MotorEnerTrac MHM-602 Brushless DC
With original 2.15" spoked rim.
DrivetrainDirect drive via hub motor.
ControllerKelly KBL12401I
120V, 400A peak, regenerative braking.
Batteries38 Thunder Sky LFP60AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Supplied by EV Works in Perth.
System Voltage120 Volts
Fairly simple standard charger.
HeaterLooking at heated hand grips.
DC/DC Converter
Bought custom by a friend, produces ~12V at 3.3A (40W). Adjusted up to 13V.
InstrumentationNot sure whether I'll use the existing speedometer or buy a new one.
Top Speed87 MPH (139 KPH)
Should do 120km/hr comfortably throughout charge range. Theoretical at this stage calculated from system voltage and Enertrac's measurement that the motor does 100km/hr at 96V.
Range93 Miles (149 Kilometers)
Calculated from the battery's 7.5KWhr rating and Enertrac's measurement that the motor uses 5kw at 100km/hr.
Seating Capacity2 adults. Will be adding lower foot pegs for my partner who is 6'.
Curb Weight440 Pounds (199 Kilograms)
TiresDunlop ? front
Metzler ? rear
Conversion TimeStarted in April 2009.
First ride of bike in September 2011.
Conversion CostAround $12,000 all up.

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