Owner's Other EVsRomet Kadet
Romet Kadet II
LocationBudapest, Central Hungary Hungary map
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Vehicle Electric Scooter
MotorUnite Motor MY1020GD Permanent Magnet DC
750W 48V brushed PMDC motor with 2,6 NM nominal torque
A 12 cm PC cooler is fixed on the commutator side of the motor.
The low motor temp results in excellent torque even after 20 minutes of heavy load.
DrivetrainTorque increasing sprocket ratio 11 to 56
Stock 6,35 mm pitch chain.
Stock 500W controller was some sort of no-name chinese model.
However i modified it later to handle 1200W!
Batteries0.00 Volt,
4 x 12V 12Ah common VRLA. It is suprisingly strong,and durable it had 500 cycles of 70% DOD and its still awesome. Nominal usage is at 2C!
System Voltage50 Volts
Top Speed23 MPH (37 KPH)
19mph (31kmh) with the old 500W motor.
22mph (36kmh) with 750W motor.
23mph (37kmh) with 750W motor+cooling fan.
AccelerationAwesome, starting torque almost pulls front wheel!
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
15 miles (25 km) at 19mph speed.
With higher speed the range decreases accordingly to about 10 miles. Some LiPo cells would make the difference ofcourse.
Curb Weight77 Pounds (35 Kilograms)
Battery weight takes up almost half of the full weight: 35 lbs
Conversion TimeThe first rideable model was ready after 6 months. However conversion was continous with final model ready after 2 years of development. Further development, upgrading ceased due to hull limitations. Further increase of speed would be hazardous without suspension. (At full speed it is already hazardous on bumpy roads anyway.)
Conversion CostAbout 700$ over the 2 years.

code by jerry