Electric Corolla
OwnerJohn Crosby
LocationRedmond, Washington United States map
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Vehicle1986 Toyota Corolla
This car was a project I started in 2008 and I hoped it would help me get
into the vehicle electrification industry. After I graduated college in
2015, I dismantled it because I was relocating and it would no longer be
practical to drive or sell. I still hope to convert or engineer electric
cars in the future.

I hope to add more pictures soon.

This project taught me a lot about building relationships to achieve more,
simply trying ideas, learning from failure as much as success, and having
pride in what does get accomplished even if its not perfect.

It took a real community to make this car happen. My sincerest thank you to
each person that contributed to this project!

Mary B for the donor car
Jeremy M for the dirt work
Scott B for the advise, concrete work, plywood battery box, and general
Cathleen C for the initial space, and monetary and personal investment.
Paul R for the coaching and help with battery racks and car prep.
NAPA - Junior R for the good deal on batteries.
CNA Metal Works - Chris A for the awesome key-to-hex adapter shaft and the motor-transmission
Wells Precision Machining for the EDM hex shaft adapter and the sun-gear

Nathaniel C and Family for the final work-space and the continued support.
Neighbor Dave for the expert welding of cast aluminum inside of a trans-

Daniel N for the recovery and repair and storage of the car after the
failure of
the planetary gear.
Oregon Tech OREC - Linda R for supporting and facilitating charging on

KTA EV Services for parts and coaching.

Every person that advised, encouraged, challenged, and contributed along the
MotorAdvanced DC Advanced DC #L91-4003, 6.7 Series Wound DC
Advanced DC L91-4003 reversible motor, 72-
120 volt, double shaft, 1.125" diameter
keyed output shaft 1.37" long with a .875"
diameter auxiliary keyed shaft 1.7" long,
6.7" motor diameter by 15.2" long
Current Ratings:
130 amps continuous, 150 amps for one
hour, 500 amps peak
Horsepower Ratings:
At 96 VDC, 13.6 HP continuous, 15 HP for
one hour, 26.4 for 5 min., 62 HP peak
One Hour KW rating:

11.4KW @ 96VDC
All ADC motors use class H insulation (180
degrees C)Weight: 85 pounds
DrivetrainToyota automatic trans-axle modified to be a single speed drive. ~9.1:1 overall final
drive made use of a single planetary gear-set combined with various custom made
components and some good old "this-might-just-work".

I used Albright reversing contactors and a little toggle switch for reverse.

This was quite the experiment and overall it worked well but it certainly limited top
speed and was difficult to work on if(when) it leaked. The motor just fit and was way
down inside the bell housing.

How it worked:
The motor was mated to the trans-axle by a custom adapter plate that utilized the bolt-
holes for the transmission front pump.
A custom adapter shaft connected the motor shaft to a custom adapter plate the bolted to
a clutch-pack drum which drove a sun gear. The sun gear sat inside a planetary set that
was retained by a clutch pack the was through-bolted to custom aluminum plates that had
been welded inside of the gear-tunnel. The planetary gear housing drove the final output
shaft of the transmission which then drove the integrated differential.

The trick:
Without a front pump for lubrication, I attached an overflow reservoir and filled the
transmission with a lot (~2 gallons of ATF) until the level was about half-way up on the
gears. This did provide a fair bit of drag on the motor and would expand quickly with
speed but it worked. I also had to fight with getting a good gasket seal on the motor-
transmission adapter plate as the front end of the motor had no barrier to the ATF.
ControllerCurtis 1221C-7401
Input Voltage (Nominal): 72-120 volt
battery system
Max. Current: 400 amps
2-min. Rating: 400 amps
5-min. Rating: 250 amps
1-hr. Rating: 150 amps
Undervoltage: Cuts back @ 45 VDC
Voltage Drop: <0.50 VDC @ 100 amps
Switching Frequency: 1.5 up to 15% power
and 15 kHz between 15% and 100% power
Dimensions: 12.0" L. X 7.1" W. X 3.15" H
Batteries12 NAPA GC8 8148, 8.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Update: 10-19
Recently had a cell go bad so I replaced a
battery.Range still looks fine.

Eight sunk into where the backseat was
and four above and on either side of
the motor.

117 AH
SOC meter reads empty when batteries still
measure 8.3 OCV right after driving so I think
the SOC meter might not be set up
System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerElcon pfc 1500
120/240VAC only have 120V plug
HeaterNever installed but i planned on a 96V electric
heater core.
DC/DC ConverterZivan NG-3
40 Amp
InstrumentationCurtis State of Charge, Westach Ammeter and
Top Speed50 MPH (80 KPH)
I've driven it 50mph but its happier
between 35 and 45 which is fine for 90% of
my driving. A bigger motor, lighter
vehicle, or higher pack voltage would help
a lot. The motor just needs more power
If it were flat everywhere, this system
would be great.
Coming from a stoplight in traffic it
accelerates to 35mph like most of the
other cars. 35-50mph is not so fast.
Well it went ten feet tonight Aug 16th,
2011 with no problem so we shall see haha
Range18 Miles (28 Kilometers)
Update:January 2014
Finally drove the car home from my friends
house where I had been working to resolve
the lubrication issue. Drove about 6 miles
and have ~60% charge left. I expect this
rating to go back up some as I wake the
batteries up with more driving.
Update: March 2012
After 235miles, the planetary gearset
finally gave up as I had nowhere to work
on it, and few tools.
Update: September 2011
~18miles on a fresh charge.
I ordered the batteries straight from the
factory 08/09 and they really have not
been used or properly maintained due to a
non-functioning vehicle and hectic few
Watt Hours/Mile500 Wh/Mile
On level ground it runs about 150Amps at
around 90 Volts. Commuting with moderate
elevation change and city streets it gets 400-
550 Whr/mile as measured from the outlet. I
took the Kill-A-Watt meter value and divided
by the trip miles.
EV Miles
Start:123,475 Miles (198,671 Kilometers)
Current:125,325 Miles (201,647 Kilometers)
Total:1,850 Miles (2,976 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity2 plus all the trunk space I want.
Curb Weight2,495 Pounds (1,134 Kilograms)
I improved the weight distribution
and the weight only changed around 100lb.

Started at 2495 with a running gasoline
TiresOld but full tread
Conversion Time~350 estimated actual working hours for
research, sourcing and labor.
Conversion Cost~7200 (estimate) real numbers will be provided
some day
Talk and learn from those that have done it before.
Things take longer when you are re-purposing and doing something for
the first time, especially innovating.
Do not order the batteries until the
vehicle is completely ready to plug into them.
Be prepared with adequate tools, space, extra hands, and some extra
Do it right and be
proud of it whether its perfect or not.. . . This car was very much a
work in progress but I had fun, learned a lot, and it worked for

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