Dog's Back SeatThe rear says electricFront "electric"Scooter Transport
OwnerCharlton Jones
Owner's Other EVs1974 Porsche 914 144v AC, SOLD
2009 Epic Electric Lawn Mower
LocationCanton, Georgia United States map
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Vehicle2011 Nissan LEAF
all electric, like it should be
Motor EM61 80KW AC Synchronus motor 3-Phase AC
DrivetrainFWD one gear
Batteries192, 3.80 Volt, Lithium-Ion
192, 3.80 Volt, Lithium-Ion
192 Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC), 3.80 Volt, Lithium-Ion
The battery pack is made up of 192 cells grouped into modules of 4 cells each (48 modules). Here are the cell specifications from AESC:

General specifications

Cell type: Laminate type
Cathode material: LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode material: Graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C): 33.1 Ah
Average voltage: 3.8 V


Length: 290 mm
Width: 216 mm
Thickness: 7.1mm
Weight: 799 g
System Voltage365 Volts
Charger 3.3 kW on board
1.4 kVA @ 120v; 4.8 kVA @ 240v
HeaterRarely use it because my dog likes the windows open. So I dress accordingly.
DC/DC Converter
InstrumentationMore info than I really need, but fun. It keeps reporting that I'm getting 5.1 miles per kWatt-hr. I'll take it! Am going to get LEAFSpy and learn to use the last 2.5KWH in my battery, after the range gauge reads ---.
Top Speed90 MPH (144 KPH)
Accelerationvery adequate, even in ECO mode. Feels faster than it really is. A joy to drive. Accelerates like a scalded ape off the line, just short of wheel spin. I look for Prius Toyotas and Chevy Volts to intimidate.
Range100 Miles (160 Kilometers)
I've set the charger timer to charge only to 80%. I drove my Porsche EV for three years, so I know range anxiety is largely in the mind. Since I'm getting 5.1 miles per KWHr and have a 24 KWHr battery that's down to about 19KWHr, I'm very comfortable with the car. In 2017 battery down 2 bars at 15412 miles in 5.5 years. That's about the same loss that Nissan specs predict for the same age driving 12.500 miles per year. (Yeah, I don't drive much anymore.) I have a range of about 75 miles but the range meter thinks I have more. LEAF Spy app on my cell phone gives me the straight answer. I found at least 15 extra miles to flat empty. I no longer have to carry a can of electrons.
Watt Hours/MileCarWings agrees I'm averaging better than 5 miles per kilowatt-hour. I took advantage of the upgrade from the 2G network to keep my remote access in 2017.
EV Miles
Start:5 Miles (8 Kilometers)
Current:19,993 Miles (32,168 Kilometers)
Total:19,988 Miles (32,160 Kilometers)
    As of 4/19/2019
Seating Capacity5 adults, but with my setup two adults and a Dutch Shepherd
TiresP205/55R16 @ 40psi for low rolling resistance, which does not seem to bother the tire pressure monitoring.
Conversion Time15 months from reservation to delivery. Worth the wait!
Conversion Cost$34K less lots of tax credits. Because first buyers had low net costs, resale value is way down. Combine that with the new 30KWH battery in 2016 and the 200 mile range promised for 2017, now is not the time to sell an early LEAF. And mine has most all the important options as a base SV, cast wheels, LED headlights, 7" nav screen, and a VSP sound I have defaulted to off. Only big things mine lacks are the solar panel on the rear spoiler and the quick charge port. I love my 2011 just as much as a 2016, 'cept for that bigger battery, and that'll be history when the 200 mile range debuts.
Additional FeaturesLED headlights, strong air conditioning, tire pressure monitors, security system, full navigation system with a 7" screen, power steering, brakes, windows, door locks, remote monitoring and control of charging and HVAC from my pc. All is wonderfully thought out. I added the word "electric" to the front quarter windows, the individual letters (from PlugIn America) spelling "electric" to the front charger port and rear deck lid, (I lowered the factory zero emission emblem) and applied an EAA bumper sticker to a magnetic panel and stuck it below the trunk release. This new car needed to tell people it was the first real ELECTRIC. I've added FIAM horns in place of the tiny factory model. I installed a set of PIAA LP530 LED fog lights in the bumper holes and wired them as daytime running lights since they take so little current. I stuck a magnetic battery powered LED light under the charging lid so I can see to plug in at night. I modified the VSP to be normally off and built my own sound system that simulates a steam locomotive. For the interior sounds I swapped in a pair of 3 way Infinity speakers - nice sound! I installed the missing fourth grab handle over the driver. I added door protection bars to protect the Aluminum panels. I installed my own AeroV EVSE and had EVSE Upgrade rework my on-board extension cord to work with either 120v or 240v. Also, I carpeted a level platform over the rear footwell and on the rear seat for my Dutchie. I have a quick release Class III sized trailer hitch for a cargo carrier that transports 1/8th scale railroad cars or my mobility scooter. I even wired a full four-pin trailer plug for lighting on the cargo carrier. I just added a second OBD2 port and a ELM327 scanner. The LEAFSpy app on a smart phone is the answer to full battery utilization.
Regen helps the cruise control hold speed on downhills. I could use a little stronger regen, maybe something user programmable like my Azure Dynamics controller in my Porsche. Although I've modified a bunch of little things, from the factory it's a very well thought-out car. Touch the off button and it unlocks the doors and selects Park and shuts down. Lock the doors with the door handle button and the security system is automatically armed. My favorite car! After 8+ years I still say it's the BEST car I've ever owned. Only 19,993 miles as of today, but all of them pleasurable. No point driving anything else.

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