In CopenhagenCargoOn the factory in China
OwnerBenny Soehave Soerensen
Owner's Other EV1989 Trabant P 601
LocationOdense, Fyn Denmark map
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Vehicle2007 FX 500 ES
I do no longer own this vehicle.

Proparbly a one of its kind in Europe.

This is build as an electric vehicle from the factory. I have don werry little about it but, it has the costum selected feature of beeing downtrottled to 45 Kph (27 Mph) in order to meet the Danish requierments for small mopets which would give it cheaper registration and acces to park outside of notmal car parking spaces.

The original intent when I imported this was to start an import company. but because of different factors. The most important beeing that the model whent out of production Buisnis never sprung up.

Drivetraindirect chain drive
Batteries5, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
120 AH
System Voltage60 Volts
Top Speed27 MPH (43 KPH)
See description
Range62 Miles (99 Kilometers)
This was when the batteries were new. Now that they are some years old it is expected to be much less since lead acid has a natural decay in preformance. Since this is a light vehicle with a small engine going over to Litium wont be too expensive compared with a car.
Watt Hours/MileElectricity consumption:
Seating CapacityTurning radius 2.4 Meters
Curb Weight0
430 kilos
Additional FeaturesCargo capacity 500 kg.
It has two pedals for the same breaks but the trottle is on the handle as on a motorcycle.

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