Time to quit the smoke.40 cm for the engine. Job for a Scullery maid!Tiding things upThe new motor
OwnerBenny Soehave Soerensen
Owner's Other EV2007 Shining 500 ES
LocationOdense, Fyn Denmark map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1989 Trabant P 601
MotorKostov 168V 9
I have just made the order. i wil update when I recive it
DrivetrainOriginal transmission with clutch.
Controller DIY Cougar controller
The Open source controler from Paul & Sabrina's Controller kit.
0-144 Volts
500 Amps
Batteries0.00 Volt,
Cant afford Lithium. will probarbly settle for some SLA / AGM Batteries of about 100 AH

Offers on maintenance free deep cycle bateries are welcome :-)
Non yet. I wil wait buying one till I get the batteries.
HeaterNone yet,
DC/DC Converter
I am probably going to make mine from an old PC power suply
InstrumentationRound panel meters with moving needles are cool.
Top Speed69 MPH (111 KPH)
My goal is to beat the old two stroke petrol engine.
Range63 Miles (101 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 adults
Curb Weight1,355 Pounds (615 Kilograms)
This is the weight of a standard 2 stroke Trabant. without the components installed.
Conversion CostSo far the Trabant was 3000.- Kr 505.31 USD freight included.

The motor was 1300 USD
The controller was 600 USD + freight and import to the EU 200 USD
The potbox was 65 USD
Rust repair on the Trabant about 400 USD
I wont be working on this every day as I study and also spends some of my spare time writing a children's book.

Sponsors are always welcome.

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