new framecontrollerdisplayprototype - one of
OwnerZvonimir Sučić
Owner's Other EVs2011 Greyborg Assembler
Greyborg 50X electric
LocationZagreb, Zagreb Croatia (Hrvatska) map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle2008 warp
Custom made full suspension bicycle frame
, capable to accept standard bicycle
parts and few types of batteries
MotorCrystalyte 5303, 5304, 5305 or 5306 Brushless DC
2 thermistors added inside, 3,2 mm spokes,
bearings changed....
Drivetrainhub motor or on RC version hub or RC
ControllerKelly KEB 72451
connected to custom display
Batteries48 Headway 38120S, 3.00 Volt,
2x 36V20Ah packs connected in series,
2x bms
System Voltage72 Volts
Charger custom made
built in 4A chargers, and docking stand
with integrated 72V25A charger
DC/DC Converter DX cheap charger
Single cell LiFePO4 charger used as 72-->
3,7V DC-DC converter for light
Instrumentationcustom made with Cycle Analyst big display
and DC/DC converter and controller status
Top Speed83 MPH (133 KPH)
Top speed is measured with 110V and full
sine converter from Lenze. Motor was 5303
Accelerationwith 5306 motor and 75A controller 2,9 sec
to 60km/h
Range64 Miles (102 Kilometers)
max 103km average speed 31kmh
combined hills/city 63km
climbing full speed 32km (av. speed 47km/h
altitude difference 880m)
Watt Hours/Mile37 Wh/Mile
average in last 250km
EV Miles
Current:1,320 Miles (2,123 Kilometers)
    As of 11/16/2009
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight98 Pounds (44 Kilograms)
Tires2,5 26"
Conversion Time1 year
Conversion Costtoo much...

code by jerry