OwnerKay Edgecumbe
Owner's Other EVs1979 Conzept
Mobility Scooter
1953 Le Velocette
Rebuilt Mobility Scooter
Fire Fly
1937 Austin 8
LocationChristchurch, Christchurch New Zealand map
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Vehicle1981 NEEV
designed ground up utility van.
prototype was built in 6 weeks by two engineers my self and Colin Horsfall
Motor 24v pump motor 2 hp 2000 rpm Shunt Wound DC
60 volts and 6000 rpm made each motor aprox 6 hp each
Drivetrainchain and cogbelt combo
locally designed by budding electronics expert
Batteries10, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
6 volt batteries lead acid 120 amp hrs
10 in central battery box/ chassis
System Voltage60 Volts
locally designed and wound to exact gassing volts of batteries and needed no controller as the gassing tapered off the charge to trickle
approximately timed by mains timer
charger fitted under seat size 600mm L 200mm W 150mm H 60 amp max tapered to 10amps (no electronics needed) on 120 ah barreries
DC/DC Converter
local produced prototype
Instrumentationodometer amp meter
Top Speed50 MPH (80 KPH)
adequate for local conditions
Accelerationreasonable enough not to cause problems to other traffic
Range50 Miles (80 Kilometers)
flat running but some overpasses handled well
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight0
about 1200 kg plus passengers
Tires550 x 13 radials
Conversion Timenew vehicle designed and built ground up 6 weeks (later 9 production models had no significant changes to design
Conversion Costsold in 1980 price at NZ$8500
Additional Featurescentral battery box, twin motors driving the two rear wheels as wheel motor unit.
400 kg load capacity.
front of battery box under seat and this area in front of the box had floor beams that in a frontal crash the beams folded up to keep the legs etc of passengers away from the impact.
built 9 of these trucks and the government of the time effectively by not helping us in any way sent us broke.
'Natural Energy Electric Vehicles' died in 1982

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