OwnerEric James
Owner's Other EV1968 Cub Cadet Model 72
LocationGettysburg, Pennsylvania United States map
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Vehicle1968 General Electric E-15
Very early e-15.
MotorGeneral Electric Separately Excited DC
Drivetrain4 speed forward and reverse
Batteries6, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
System Voltage36 Volts
Conversion TimeSwitched from the non working stock electrics to the Alltrax in one afternoon.
Conversion CostUnder $300 for the tractor extra wiring and the Alltrax controller from ebay.
Additional FeaturesI purchased the Alltrax controller for a stock replacement of a series wound motor. I set up my field separately with it's own circuit. The setup works great, but I cannot overspeed the motor. I am going to either switch to a larger pulley on the drive motor or tie in on of the field resistors from the original speed control on the tractor to give me a boost speed.
nice tractor overall. I have abused these tractors and broken some of them. The step through feature makes the frame somewhat thin. The one that I have broken had a loader on the front, tire chains, and a loaded disk on the back. Please be kind to your Electrak, and learn from my poor judgment. :)

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