OwnerAdam Casella
LocationApex, North Carolina United States map
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Vehicle1969 Plymouth Valiant
1969 Plymouth valiant 2 door post. Car was originally purchased to make into a hot rod, but then decided to hot rod in the a different direction :-).
MotorAdvanced DC FB1-4001A 9in DC motor Series Wound DC
seems to be reliable, has not blown up yet! :-P
DrivetrainAdvanced DC FB1-4001A 9in DC motor, 20 continuous HP I believe. Attached to a mopar A-833 4 speed manual transmission. Currently has 3.23 gears in the rear(7.25 rearend).
ControllerCurtis 1230 I think
Whines at initial start-up, no complaints as of yet
Batteries20 Trojan T-105, 6.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded
Seems to give some of the best range/punch for there size in the wet cell area. Maybe T-125's later in the cars life...or 12 volt batteries an add a gas motor for better range (yes a parallel hybrid)
System Voltage120 Volts
ChargerZivan Z3, I believe
230 VAC input and like 18 Amps DC out. Car charges from 80% DOD in approx 4-5 hours.

Soon to be 3000 Watt ceramic heater. Two 1500 watt heaters that can be enabled/disabled independently of each other.

Update, heater installed and works. Still working on wiring them in independently with independent switches. Should be easy enough, just need some time to finish
DC/DC ConverterIota NONE! update:DLS-45
Currently car uses a big 12v that is charged when the car is charged.

Soon to be a DC-DC converter. Investigating model right now

Update: Iota DLS-45, lights are much brighter now. 120v in 12v 45 amps out.
InstrumentationVolt and Amp meter.
You can generally determine the charge left by looking at the volt meter when the circuit is open. Done by stepping off the gas and looking. However if you wait to long the voltage "recovers" and will give a false reading. You have a about a 10-20 second window before you begin to get to much of a false reading. Plenty of time to determine power left.
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
Not sure of the top speed, the fastest I have personally had the car is 65 on straight flat area. However with hills and seem to be able to keep a pace of 55-70 on the highway. I think it would top out at 70 MPH on a flat straight away.
AccelerationCould be better. I would say 0-30 in 4-6 seconds. Taller gears would help with this issue.
Range45 Miles (72 Kilometers)
At least 45 miles. Furthest I drove the car, however I think I could get 50-60 out at 80% DoD. Depends on how fast you wanted to get there.
Watt Hours/Mileno idea, seems to pull 150-200 amps continuously in the best scenario at 50-55 mph.

My guess would be like 200-300 WH/mile
EV Miles
Start:47,500 Miles (76,427 Kilometers)
Current:54,739 Miles (88,075 Kilometers)
Total:7,239 Miles (11,647 Kilometers)
    As of 9/4/2009
Seating CapacitySeats 4 comfortably, 5 easily and 6 with some trouble.
Curb Weight3,300 Pounds (1,499 Kilograms)
I figure about 3300 pounds without the driver (maybe less, maybe more)
TiresDon't remember, but some cheap 13 inch tires (yes 13in rims, not easy to find good tires)
Conversion Timewell the drive train went into the car around a year ago and then put the rest of the car together in 30 days. Yes 30 days to get the basics. However this is a never ending project with other items keep getting pinned on as time goes on.
Conversion CostApprox 10,000....yes I know it needs paint :-P
Additional Featuresfeatures...lets see features....oh I know...Manual steering, manual brakes....door locks!...umm its stops when you hit the brakes? Thats a feature...

How about it requires no gas? No gas = feature :-P.

No known features, pretty bare bones conversion at the moment...nice and simple, just the way I like it.

Working on fitting heat into heater core box at the moment. Should be done in a weekend or three. When I start to get cold will be more of an incentive :-P.
Car is great and is very reliable. Love it. Gets me from point A to B without any issues, good speed, could use a little bit better acceleration(will be fixed by steeper rear gears, maybe more batteries) Need a "Please excuse the electric car bumper sticker".

Love the car other wise, gets lots of looks and people seem to love it.

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