OwnerTim Deegan
LocationOshawa, Ontario Canada map
Web/EmailWebPage email image
Vehicle1985 Pontiac Fiero 2M6
Fiero EV

This car will be almost completely
restored and
converted. I will use this as my daily
and depending on range maybe for my
weekends too

the web site link won't work for my page
so here
is my website for my build

MotorAdvanced DC 4001 Series Wound DC
DrivetrainStock 4 speed transmission mounted to the 9"
Advanced DC motor using a Canev.com adaptor
ControllerCafe Electric Zilla Z1K LV 1000Amp
I'm buying this controller so I have room
upgrades in the future when I can afford
and can up my voltage
I went with the LV so i can have up to 156
Batteries48 Thunder Sky 200 ah, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
I am thinking lithium, why not do it right
first time, planning on going with Thundersky
I went with Sinopoly. 48 200ah cells
System Voltage156 Volts
ChargerElcon 2500
Heatercanev.com ceramic heater. i cut out a square
my original heater core and am mounting my
heater in that spot.
DC/DC Converter
I have my converter, i got it from canev.com
but i
can't remember what brand it is off the top
of my
InstrumentationI have a Link-10 E Meter but I want to
build custom
gauges now, digital panel meters for my GT
pod I bought....Update...i bought two
meters off ebay and hope to instal them
Top Speed70 MPH (112 KPH)
I'm hoping for over 70 mph. I need 110
anything over that will be great, but I've
had too
many tickets in my life.
Fastest I've taken it is 90km/h. Still
need new front springs and alignment. Once
it is riding properly I'll try highway.
AccelerationIt's no slouch! I don't know what it is
exactly but it keeps up with traffic no
problem and I don't give it as much as it
could handle. Still in the early days of
driving it and getting used to it.
Rangewould like around 80km-100km. If I can
out how to get 130km I won't need another
car. I
would just borrow from a friend or
relative for
long trips (which might be once a year)
With the 200ah sinopoly cells I hope to
get up
to 200km
The farthest I have taken the car is 117km
on a single charge. I know I can do more
but haven't done a full range test yet.
Seating Capacity2 adults
Curb Weight2,791 Pounds (1,268 Kilograms)
pre conversion weight
Tiresnew BF Goodrich tires
Conversion TimeI only get to work on the car on weekends.
Usually every other weekend. I plan on
the car done for spring 08
UPDATE...spring 08 didn't happen, taking
then I planned and I haven't had as much
time as
i would like to work on it.
UPDATE ...feb 2011...I can't believe how
long it
has been since i started this project.
Life gets
in the way i guess, it has become a full
restoration and conversion and I am almost
"put everything back together stage"
Its been 7 years of working on the car a
every summer. There have been soooo many
but I'm actually putting it back together
It took 9 years! WHAT??? I know I can't
believe it, but I guess the restoration
took the longest. Also life gets in the
way. But the car is on the road and
driving. I haven't done full range or
speed tests but it feels great to actually
drive it!
Conversion CostI have spent a lot. i'm thinking it will
be around
25,000 when its done, but it will be a
very clean
full restoration/conversion. Its going to
look like
it did when it came off the line...but
Additional FeaturesI'm working on this car with my
girlfriends father. So far we have taken
out all the ICE parts and are currently in
the process of cleaning up
all the rust, rebuilding the suspension
and brakes, and replacing all
the brake lines.
UPDATE...We are just cleaning and
rebuilding right now. Will hopefully
be ordering EV parts in the near future
UPDATE...EV Parts on on order, should be
here in a few days!
UPDATE...Just got the EV parts, still
waiting for some suspenssion and
brake parts.
UPDATE...I have everything I need to
finish the restoration and
conversion, but I Still need metal work in
the engine bay before i can
put everything together
UPDATE...my situation changed and had
about a 3 year period where
nothing happened to the car. Its well on
its way to being finished now
UPDATE...July 2016.
The car is done! Well, it is ever really
done? I have some small changes, and
little details to button up. But it is on
the road and drivable!

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