Original DBS Touring (not mine)E-scooter
OwnerTom R Simenstad
Owner's Other EVsRed Th!nk City
Blue Th!nk City
EL-ma Classic
LocationOslo, Oslo Norway map
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Vehicle1987 DBS Touring
EPAC - Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle - is the name in EU for this type of bike and Norway has adopted the definition.
Make: DBS - Den Beste Sykkel (The Best Bike), by Jonas Ogland Inc, Sandnes, Norway. Trainer racer with narrow wheels, rams' horns handle bars and inside drum brakes front and rear.
E-scooter salvaged from the trash with dead battery less charger.
MotorUnite Motor MY1016 Permanent Magnet DC
24V, 14A, 250W, 2,500 RPM. Scavenged from E-scooter.
DrivetrainPedal side: original Shimano Positron FH-400 5-speed chain drive with free wheeling.

Electric side: Two stage (11:55 and 16:38), single speed chain drive with free wheeling.
Controller 3 relays
E-scooter's CT-802B9 controller was burnt, so I plan to use 3 relays to connect the two bettery blocks in parallel for 12V or series for 24V.
Batteries2 Techzone TZ12120D, 12Ah, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
The batteries came to life after charging with constant current for 3 days; it started off with more than 20 volts (on a 12V battery).
System Voltage24 Volts
ChargerCTek 2 x Zafir 90
Intelligent 12V, 3.3A chargers, one for each battery. Recharge time 3 hours (expected).
HeaterLegwork, helmet and gloves.
DC/DC Converter None
May tap 12V for lights from the best battery or use separate LiPo battery (from my model airplane) for lights. Or possibly make 24V LED lights.
Instrumentation12V voltmeter and inside/outside temp ; 1-0-1 DPDT switch to check both batteries.
Top Speed16 MPH (25 KPH)
Theoretic electric assist top speed comply with Norwegian law of 25 KPH at which speed the intermediate sprocket free wheel takes action.
AccelerationDepends of the rider.
RangeAs far as I bother to pedal.
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight66 Pounds (29 Kilograms)
Bike: 18 kilograms
Motor: 1.968 kilograms
Battery: 4.072 kilograms each
Plus: 3 relays, cables, battery trays
TiresSemperit Sport 37-584,
26"x1 3/8"x1 1/2",
wide white wall.
Conversion TimeStill counting.
Conversion CostConstantly increasing despite $0 intention.
Additional FeaturesUpgraded original lights from 6V CarbonZinc primary battery to 11.1V LiIon secondary battery (borrowed from my electric powered model airplane) and LED tail light. Headlight unmarked, tail light marked "bumm 326".

Plan to use the Left-0-Right switch from the E-scooter for 12V/24V drive voltage [I think of it as Low-0-Race] and the horn button for a dead mans button. Light switch from E-scooter is implemented with 12V light system.
The DBS Touring's original rams' horns handle bars made my back hurt from leaning forward and my neck hurt from looking up. I scavenged T-type handlebars from a Peugeot 050 bicycle. The handles from the E-scooter with several switches fit the Peugeot handlebars.

2011 the shifter wire for the Shimano Positron FH-400 broke and I have not been able to locate a new one. It is not a wire as such, but a push-pull piano wire that runs in a sleeve.

Under construction.

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