Motor mountedMotor mountcut frameRelay, Fuse and controllerWireing??Cut SwingarmIts Alive!!
OwnerWilliam Bowden
LocationLake Havasu City, Arizona United States map
Web/Email email image
Vehicle1987 Kawasaki Ninja 750
This was a dead Ninja that I got in a Barstow junk
MotorBriggs and Stratton Etek Permanent Magnet DC
15 hp 3200 rpm
This controller can be programed to control the output
current. The software is free. You will need a PC and a
Batteries4 Power Battery PRC 1250, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
55 amp hour deep cycle. Chose where you buy your
batteries wisely. I purchased mine from Planet
Battery. One of them went bad whale under
warranty. I had to ship it to Road Island from
Arizona. That cost $50.00 and took two weeks. I
called them this morning and they said it would be
another two weeks before they could test it. Im sure
after that It will be some time before I get it. My
bike will be down for 3 months. I finally had to get the
battery form someone else and Planet battery refunded
my money.
System Voltage48 Volts
ChargerDual Pro ACC-SE-4
ACC-SE-4 Dual Pro Four Bank Pro SE 12/24/36/
48 Volt 40 Amp Battery Charger - 4 Banks
Mounted on the bike. This charger keeps the batteries in
HeaterThis is Arizona. Dah!!
DC/DC Converter
Don't need a converter because I changed all my lighting to
low current LEDs, I just taped off 12 volts from one of the
Top Speed40 MPH (64 KPH)
Acceleration0-40 5 sec. It accerrates real good with a fresh
charge. When the light turns green I leave the traffic
behind. Update: Don't do this it will burn up your
Range15 Miles (24 Kilometers)
I've got about 300 miles on the bike and the
batteries are working better now. So far I haven't
been stranded.
Watt Hours/MileI don't have a way to get Watt Hours/Mile but I
charge this every night and I don't see a difference
in my electric bill. I think Im using about 60% of the
capacity on by daily commute.
EV Miles
Current:1 Miles (1 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight393 Pounds (178 Kilograms)
I just weighed the bike and was pleasantly surprised
to see 375 lb. Thats 25 lb. lighter then I expected.
I got my battery charger mounted now its up to
393 lb. You can see more at

Conversion Time6 weeks to test running. Maybe another week to get
the lighting working and the registration. I got it
registered today (11-15-07) and it is legal. My
charger is due on the 19th an then Im in business.
Conversion Cost$2324.74 and Im using it now.
6/20/08 Another $150.00 for repairs. $2474.74
12/20/07 Be sure to select a good battery pack. I chose the wrong ones and
I only get 15 miles on a charge. The bike runs good on a fresh charge and I
leave traffic at the signal. The problem is hills. I have to go up 900 ft. and
that is hard on the batteries. 06/30/08 Update: Its been 6 months 1200 mi.
now. The controller burned out and they replaced it under warranty. The
brush pack burned out and that cost me $100.00. The brush pack burned
out because controller came with the output adjusted to 100%. I didn't
know this was adjustable. We downloaded the free software and connected it
to a computer and adjusted it to 65% output and the brushes should last a
long time now. It don't accelerate as fast as it did but the top speed is still
40-mph. One of the batteries went bad and I sent it in for warranty
replacement. (See Batteries above). Update 1-10-09 I think I have about 3000 miles on
it now and the batteries are not holding there charge as long as they used to. It's
probably down to 10 or 12 miles on a full charge. You can see more pictures on my web
03/09/2009 The batteries are gone so Im taking it apart and selling parts to get up the cash to start another bike.
This time I'm going to use Lithium at 72 volt.

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