Rodney Riding On The Trailer Chillin' By The Flagpole
OwnerDavid C.Pyatt
Owner's Other EVs1980 Comuta-Car
1981 Comuta-Car
LocationAlliance, Ohio United States map
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Vehicle1974 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar
All that remains of a CitiCar that gave it's all to try to revive a Comuta-Car. A frame, a front suspension, a windshield wiper motor and a couple of sun visors. Not much more. A valiant Knight of the C-Car table, getting a well deserved rest before receiving rehabilitation and retrofit as a rolling testbed for new EV technologies as I work towards my electronic/electrical/electro-mechanical degrees in college.

Unfortunately my full-time job, family life and the economy found me leaving college, but not giving up on researching and developing my ideas for new alternative EV designs.

Closer examination shows that Rodney used to be RED.
DrivetrainTwo strong arms and two strong legs, preferably my son's and not mine!
Batteries0.00 Volt,
TiresFront: 4.80x12" on possible original rims.

Rear: M.I.A.

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