where to put the packIn front of Italian Parlament House ( Moeurozev men and li po packi am not needing those anymoreIn front of italian Parlament HouseAgni motor detailnew Agni Motor 135
OwnerPietro Cambi
LocationFiesole, Florence, Tuscany Italy map
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Vehicle2007 Fiat 500 F
It was my Daddy Car.
As He left, 8 years from now, I continued to use it as a perfect city car. But as it was euro zero ( non catalytic) it was almost impossible to keep using it ( only Saturday and Sunday allowed use).
Confrontation with electric city car gave me the idea of converting it.
As it had to be a hillclimber ( I live in a tiny village 1200 feet above Florence) it had to be light.
So I choose from the start LI-Po batteries (Italian importer being a friend of mine)
Motor AGNI MOTORS 135 Permanent Magnet DC
setted to 13 kW ( as the original endotermic engine). It could give 15 kW and 30 in a 20 second burst.

UPDATE :the motor is now a much better Agni motors 135, it gives same power, much better efficiency (i checked it at REALLY 90++ %) and autonomy. It is also 25 kg lighter
DrivetrainOriginal transmission and clutch kept
It simply works...with a little refrigeration help, when needed, by 4 24 volts cpu fans...
Batteries26 Kokam 100 Ah, 96.00 Volt, Lithium-Polymer
I only knew it was going to be expensive.
I didn't know it was going to be the first Li-po electric car in the world to be normally used for normal everyday life.
Well it actually was not!

It was the SECOND, as I took my time to prepare all things...
He he, who cares, after all?
Some numbers.
100 Ah, 96 volts and 65 Kilos ( 130 pounds) of batteries.
2500+ guaranteed DEEP recharges ( 85% DOD).
Cost is...HIGH but I saw it was going to be some than lead batteries, given their endurance.

more about it on the net ( Cinquino Elettrico will give you some useful link)

System Voltage96 Volts
ChargerZivan oh the hell i simply don't' remember
used ones. Sent to the factory for being LI-Po chargers commuted...two of a kind, giving about 20 A at 96 volts.
It takes about 5 hours to charge a completely depleted pack..
HeaterUh, forgotten.
Guess I put one, still have original conduit.
But I need it just for defrosting windows,
SO tiny vehicles are animal-heated...
InstrumentationAmmeter and some Christmas tree that will be changed with a real Voltmeter
Top Speed65 MPH (104 KPH)
GPS checked! And on a REAL highway
AccelerationGood enough, like the ol lil Cinquino...
It was a VERY light car in his time and it has the same Weight, repeat the SAME WEIGHT, now.
Beside this the weight is more evenly distributed so it turns GREAT and better than ever, now.
Range60 Miles (96 Kilometers)
It is a REAL one.
With a NORMAL and RELAXED use.
If you remember being on an electric vehicle I could say as well 100 miles.
I actually managed 55 miles on REAL highways with quite a LOT of up and downs, at about 50 miles/hour average.
Check by yourself the distance between North Siena and South Gorsseto, for instance...
Watt Hours/Mile160 Wh/Mile
at 50 mph, really !! Pretty sure about it and could be better ( with a brush less, some work on aerodynamics, better tires I could hit 15% better)
EV Miles
Start:132,000 Miles (212,388 Kilometers)
Current:135,000 Miles (217,215 Kilometers)
Total:3,000 Miles (4,827 Kilometers)
Seating Capacity4 ( foldable people preferred on the rear places)
Curb Weight1,100 Pounds (499 Kilograms)
Actually some Lbs less that former donor car.
Believe it or not i am sure about it.
and...50%-%50 distribution on front and back wheels.
It turns VERY, very, well, much better than before ( and it was already a lil' amusing Italian car for that)
TiresUh, oh, don't' remember..
Tiny, tiny tiny ones and radial anyway

Conversion Time4 months
Conversion Cost3500 $ everything except the batteries
10.000 uh well, the Kokam Li-Po batteries (and they also asked me WHY I wanted those batteries, after all, lol)
Additional FeaturesI should not say that but it could be a BIG SUCCESS. As for now I have been on main national medias and I am trying to change laws down here to keep this kind of thing viable for other people...
more on the net.
a couple of videos on you tube.
make a search on Google with "cinquino elettrico" key.
A (very) provisional site of my association for promoting electric conversion of old eurozero cars, Eurozev ( a non-profit one) here:

WebPage />
Thanks to you all for the GREAT inspiration you gave me.
Actually I have decided to do it because so many of you have already done so many different conversion.

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