OwnerStuart McCloud
Owner's Other EVExit Mountainboard
LocationSouthampton, England United Kingdom map
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Vehicle Sunrider
base model, 24 Volt 3 wheeled granny Cart
Motor Permanent Magnet DC
came with the granny cart
Drivetrain24 Volt .5 HP motor with worm driven diff
Controller4QD Porter 48
Batteries3, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
17AH as that's what I had lying around
System Voltage36 Volts
car charger charging all in parallel
Top Speed8 MPH (12 KPH)
very low OEM gearing, could pull a car but not very fast
Accelerationon off
Rangehaven't had the bottle to drive it for more than a mile, due to smashing my face into the road
Seating Capacity1
Curb Weight25 Pounds (11 Kilograms)
heavy batteries
Conversion Time6 hours
Conversion Cost50 squid (controller)
built to wheelie, which it does a treat.....note the wheelie bars out the back.
top speed is not good enough to give it much cred tho

code by jerry