OwnerAlex Bessinger
Owner's Other EVs1963 Honda C105-E
1967 Kawasaki A1-SS
1998 Ford Ranger EV
LocationSan Marcos, California United States map
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Vehicle2000 Ford Ranger EV
This is my 2000 Ford Ranger EV, yes, that's
right, a factory electric Ford Ranger. It's a
bit of a project, and not currently running,
but I will be working on remedying that. Check
out my YouTube channel if you would like to
see my progress!
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MotorSiemens F8Y8-14bB80 3-Phase AC
67kw/90hp and 140ftlbs of tourque.
Drivetrain67kw (90hp) Siemens 3 phase motor. @312v nominal
(374v fully charged).
Batteries100 100ah, 360.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Originally lead acid (39 8v cells in series).
Truck was converted to LiFePO4 in 2014, and
parked shortly thereafter. Hasn't been driven
System Voltage320 Volts
HeaterCeramic resistive.
InstrumentationState of Charge, Economy/power, Est. miles
remaining (guess-o-meter), Speedometer, On/Off
gauge, Coolant temp.
Top Speed75 MPH (120 KPH)
Governed top speed, limited to 65mph in "E"
Accelerationest. 0-60 ~10sec
RangeStill haven't found out, but my assumption is
about 80 mi.
Watt Hours/Mile400 Wh/Mile
EPA rating
EV Miles
Start:6,677 Miles (10,743 Kilometers)
Current:6,677 Miles (10,743 Kilometers)
Total:0 Miles (0 Kilometers)
    As of 5/11/2022
Seating Capacity3
Curb Weight0
Conversion TimeTBD
Conversion Cost$1,100 so far
Additional FeaturesEquipped with air conditioning and power steering! Not much else in
the way of features, it's pretty basic.

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