LocationShenchen, Guangdong China map
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Vehicle2010 Yamaha cygnus X 150
The simplest way of converting a scooter.
Barely drive my car after having this baby,
so amazing.
Motor 8000w thrid gen Permanent Magnet DC
8000W hub motor from QS-motor
Drivetrainhub motor direct drive.
Controller 96600 from APT
amazing controller.only downside is the
size of the thing is massive. This thing
could drain up to 600amp from the
battery, and it has a turbo mode that
gives you crazy tork when
accelerating.The bluetooth was so
convenient when you wanna treak
Batteries840 FST-2400EB, 4.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion
fst-2400eb allows 5C output continually,
7c peak. 28s 30p. 2400mah in a single
amazing BMS that has balance,
colummeter, big screen, bluetooth
controll app. best BMS ever used. ANT-
BMS, should be able to find it on ebay,
or you'll have to buy it from Taobao.com
System Voltage117 Volts
Charger emerson
its made of a emerson communication power
supply. Voltage and amp both adjustable. 0-
145V, 0-25amp. max output 2.7KW.
DC/DC Converter ebay
typical 12vdc
Top Speed120 MPH (193 KPH)
its a scooter at the end of the day, i reach
117 mph base on gps reading. but the chassis
starts to wobble after 80mph.
Acceleration0-60 4.9s
Range150 Miles (241 Kilometers)
based on GPS tracker, I meade 280KM on a
single cahrge. around 50kmph.
EV Miles
Current:12,000 Miles (19,308 Kilometers)
    As of 7/15/2018
Curb Weight0
around 140-150KG.
Conversion Time100+ hours. (mostly done by a local
mechanical guy)
Conversion Cost4000USD.
Additional FeaturesOhlins rear suspension. radial brake in the front. Brembo at
the rear.12inch front, 13inch back. LED front light with lense
from a toyota crown 2017. Custom made day-running light and
I got most the parts from alibaba, this is the third one i
build. ive Tested many good value components which are very
rare in the states or Europe. let me know if you guys have any
questions about putting up a bike like this, love to help.

code by jerry