LocationLillby, Ostrobothnia Finland map
Vehicle2003 Partner 15-105EH
MotorMars ME 1004 Permanent Magnet DC
Controller Allbright SW180
Motor is either on or off, the hydrostat
allows me to take off smoothly and decide
driving speed
Batteries14 Nissan leaf cells, 7.40 Volt,
7 in series and 2
System Voltage52 Volts
Charger 0-60V 15A lab psu
Need to build an onboard charger, lab psu
does the charging for now
DC/DC Converter Ebay china 48-60/12V
InstrumentationEbay china programmable meter.
0-100V 0-500A with auxillary relay contact
for over/undervoltage alarms etc
Top SpeedClose to stock
AccelerationFast enough
Range3 hours driving full speed around the
neighbourhood or 1 hour constant cutting
Watt Hours/Mile2kw/h driving, 6kwh/h cutting
Seating CapacityOne adult driving and 3 kids in the
Curb Weight0
Close to stock I guess
TiresTurf savers
Conversion TimeEstimate maybe 50 hours over two months
Additional FeaturesThe motor is quite silent, the hydrostat is loud and the
cutter even louder.
Short vido in action WebPage
Yes, my lawn is way too big.

code by jerry