Owner's Other EVs4 wheel Razor Go Cart
2006 Kawasaki EX250
LocationCottonwood Heights, Utah United States map
Vehicle1999 TORO 521
Picked up a toro with a blown engine for $50
Conversion was pretty easy.
Century 5Hp compressor motor
Rated 240Vac 22amp! more like 7hp
Belt slips before motor stalls.
DrivetrainOriginal belts and just needed to ream the
pulley to fit the larger motor shaft
50A solid state relay on estop to turn motor
on and off.
Batteries0.00 Volt,
L6-30 Plug on a GFCI 30A breaker.
System Voltage240 Volts
HeaterHeated Grips!
Top Speed2 MPH ( 3 KPH)
Has 3 speeds and reverse!
RangeRange is 140ft of 10Ga outdoor cable.
I have it on a spool with a mercury rotary
Conversion Time10 hrs
Conversion Cost600
Additional FeaturesLED Lights!
Converted it after my 120V model wasn't cutting it. Tested it out the
other day and it was worth every penny! super quiet, tons of power.
Cable management was easy with the spool. Heated grips are awesome!

code by jerry