Nice E stopBefore PanelsChargers
Owner's Other EV1999 Toro 521
LocationCottonwood Heights, Utah US map
Vehicle2006 Kawasaki EX250
Ninja 250 I converted over to be my new
MotorMars ME0913 3-Phase AC
Drivetrain420 chain
60T rear and 18T front.
ControllerSevcon Gen4 Size 6
Moved from a Kelly KLS96601-8080I to a Sevcon
Gen4 Size 6. 660A Peak
Regen Throttle on left side. Used MTB brake
lever and Pressure transducer.
Batteries24 Chevy Volt Cells, 3.70 Volt, Lithium-Ion
24 Chevy volt cells(2 modules) in series
System Voltage98 Volts
Charger HEP-320-48A
2x Meanwell 321.6W 48V 6.7A supplies in
series dialed for 98v charge and 8A
27 Cell balancing circuit. AVC2 charging
control board
allows the nissan leaf j1772 port to work
with EVSE level 2 ev charge stations. Also
can plug into wall outlets.
DC/DC ConverterMeanwell 709-SD150D-12
12v 150W 72-144v input
InstrumentationBMS-24 24 cell ballancer and current gauge.
TrailTech Endurance II
Top Speed91 MPH (146 KPH)
Limited by Gearing/Controller.
AccelerationBetter than stock but the kelly is firmware
crippled to not do burnouts. I'm disappointed
with Kelly.
Range42 Miles (67 Kilometers)
Going up steep canyons, probably 55 on
rolling hills.
EV Miles
Start:10,217 Miles (16,439 Kilometers)
Current:11,024 Miles (17,737 Kilometers)
Total:807 Miles (1,298 Kilometers)
    As of 5/5/2018
Seating Capacity1 adult
Curb Weight340 Pounds (154 Kilograms)
Almost 50/50 distribution. Same as stock with
half tank of gas.
Conversion Timemaybe 100 hours? hardest part was redoing all
the wiring and welding battery frame.
Conversion Cost$4300 Bike was 550 of that.
-1700 tax credit for conversion:-)
= 2k for conversion.
Additional FeaturesMoved to Sevcon, not as easy to tune as the Kelly was.
APRS GPS transmitter/Receiver.
Changed brake and headlights to LEDs
Working on Acceleration issues with Sevcon, eventually I will figure
it out.

Moved to a 420 chain from 520 chain.
60T rear and 18T front. Much lighter now.
Also can hit 90+mph.

Had a 16T from a 14T to get more highway
speed. Also it quieted
up the chain so now it is super silent.

I absolutely love riding the bike up the
twisty canyons.

code by jerry