Rear cabinetFrontInside of cabinet
Owner's Other EVs1992 Ford Escort LX Wagon
2010 Electra Cruiser
Torker T510 Hybrid
1992 Nissan D21 Pickup
2002 Sol Gato II
LocationBaton Rouge, Louisiana United States map
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Vehicle Husky Trike
Motor AmpFlow F30-400-G Permanent Magnet DC
Twin motors, peak 2.5 HP (each) and 540 RPM max. Not
yet installed. Brute strength, heavy (12 lbs) motors
made for industrial applications. Will wire in
series to drop 48 V from controller down to 24 V per
DrivetrainSingle speed chain drive to one rear wheel.
Will have dual motors (one on each rear wheel)
ControllerKelly KDH14600D
Leftover from another project. Far exceeds the
power capacity of the motors, but hopefully that
keeps it from overheating in the cramped space.
Batteries0.00 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate
Most likely to be Headway cells, but nothing to
worry about until motor mounts are welded.
System Voltage51 Volts
DC/DC Converter
Some 90 W converter from
Top Speed25 MPH (40 KPH)
I've been up to 21 MPH pedaling downhill and that was
scary enough on a trike. Cornering at just 8 MPH is
enough to flip this thing. I want to make sure it
can't go faster than 25 for safety.
Acceleration5 HP should burn rubber on this, not that it's
RangeTBD, depends on batteries.
Seating Capacity1 + trailor
Curb Weight200 Pounds (90 Kilograms)
Rough estimate.
Conversion TimeTBD
Conversion CostTrike: $500, motors: $900, controller(salvaged):
$1300 (when new), batteries: TBD, lights: ~$100,
misc.: TBD
Additional FeaturesTrailer hitch for small tractor trailers and accessories, 7-pin trailer
hookup, turn signals, 10 W headlight, 18 W flood light, car horn, 12 AWG
steel cabinet reinforced with 0.16" aluminum plate on the bottom, adjustable
shelf above the batteries for storage, adorable little pad lock for cabinet.
Currently I am pedaling this thing every day for exercise. After the EV
conversion this will be used as a mini tractor and should be able to pull
1,000 lbs. All the 12 V components work, just waiting for the time and
money to weld on the motor mounting plates and create sprocket mounts on the
wheel hubs.

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